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  1. unkindhuman
    08-07-2015 09:41 AM
    unkindhuman commented on I have 3,999 posts.
    congrats on 4000!
  2. Akemirie
    08-05-2015 11:27 AM
    You know what they say, practice makes perfect. :D
  3. INTJane
    08-03-2015 11:06 PM
    INTJane commented on I have 3,999 posts.
  4. Underachiever
    07-31-2015 11:19 PM
    Underachiever commented on Why do you support the death penalty?
    Thanks... I was driving, but now I don't even have to reply... You said what I was going too.
  5. Akemirie
    07-25-2015 02:06 AM
    Are your man hands using a blackberry? Or touchscreen?
  6. Akemirie
    07-11-2015 03:55 AM

    Well, the A button is the neighbour to the S one.
  7. ness2361
    07-01-2015 03:41 PM
    ness2361 commented on Just One More Gadfly in a Hemlocked Land
    I'd call her all sorts of nicknames, that is my thing, so kiss Patchouli for me; tell her I said I know she smells sweet and spicy? :D
  8. ness2361
    07-01-2015 03:14 PM
    ness2361 commented on Just One More Gadfly in a Hemlocked Land
    Oh, what a precious one, and sweet visit. Thank you. for you; make that black-n-white beauty purr for me?
  9. ness2361
    07-01-2015 09:53 AM
    If you ever want to subscribe (and you know this is not a hint, just post a picture of one of your cats, something like that would be a delight to come in and find. the babies for me? ♥
  10. Snaydar
    07-01-2015 09:30 AM
    I'm glad you liked it :D
  11. Sarea
    06-30-2015 07:51 PM
    Sarea commented on Frequently misspelled words!
    thanks, i use British English too
  12. plotthickens
    06-29-2015 07:19 AM
    *nods decisively back*
  13. Sarea
    06-29-2015 06:24 AM
    Yes, they seem so intense,

  14. Sarea
    06-29-2015 06:08 AM
    Sarea commented on Let's see your selfie! Volume 3
    Gorgeous eyes
  15. ness2361
    06-28-2015 09:05 AM
    ness2361 commented on Ladies, what are your thoughts on dudebod ?
    Excellent post, as usual. As for PMs, I am still clearing out my boxes to make room--almost done 'enough' to concentrate on giving yours what it deserves: Full attention. ♥
  16. Whoops
    06-27-2015 10:59 AM
    Whoops commented on Meta response the poster above you!
    'twas dope
  17. Smylex
    06-26-2015 08:15 PM
    I also think natural images should be used. Professionally taken and touched images aren't realistic or applicable. A glamorous 30 year old will get a second take simply based on the rarity of an amazing looking woman of that age. But, were she to be seen naturally, men would likely not be so impressed.

    In addition to the many variables, I don't feel any picture based study would produce support for my argument, since some of this instinctual desire is visual, and some would be related to pheromones.
  18. Smylex
    06-26-2015 07:29 PM
    Perhaps if several were used. And they were all 8-10s.
  19. Smylex
    06-26-2015 05:38 PM
    Anyway. The thesis is what you claim it's not. The point was to prove or disprove that men are MOST attracted to teens, but feel it must be kept a secret. Perhaps even from themselves. Person A did not agree with how the study was presented, and does not consider it a successful demonstration of the validity of either hers OR the OPs thesis.
  20. Smylex
    06-26-2015 05:13 PM
    That is not correct. Have you given any thought to who person A is?

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