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  1. Famouskate
    Today 10:51 PM
    Yeah, you know, it really never goes away. We just have to deal with it and try to find some peace with it. I am sorry for your pain. What caused it can never be fixed.
  2. Paloma
    Today 06:24 PM
    Thank you. It's very much appreciated.
  3. Deprecator
    Today 05:51 PM
    Hey thanks for dropping by, it's always good to hear from you Monte.
  4. Exelone
    Today 05:38 PM
    Mr Monte.
  5. Sariax
    Today 04:49 PM
    I did know that . I have feelings of respect and envy towards you.
  6. Sariax
    Today 04:35 PM
    :D Not entirely sure what you mean, but I will gladly accept a triumph! btw, 314 stand for anything? because all I see is pi.
  7. Famouskate
    Today 10:54 AM
    Yes, others have experienced worse, but that doesn't lessen your pain.
  8. Famouskate
    Today 08:36 AM
    Famouskate commented on Let's talk about parents...
    Wow, Monte, I am really sorry. You have my empathy.
  9. GreyCrow
    Today 06:18 AM
  10. BreRaw
    Today 12:22 AM
    Thanks, Monte!
  11. knsl
    Yesterday 08:58 PM
    Sure and thanks!
  12. knsl
    Yesterday 05:02 PM
    Thats a random and oddly interesting story...
    Thanks for sharing
  13. ParadoxMaven
    Yesterday 03:41 PM
    Should I have said something about you?
  14. Mattandsuch
    Yesterday 03:05 PM
    Mattandsuch commented on Responsive!
  15. sn1993j
    Yesterday 03:01 PM
    sn1993j commented on Fresh Lunar Craters
    Nice picture of Rima Hyginus, one of my favorites. Did you know Apollo 19 was supposed to land there? That one hurts!
  16. GhenghisKhan
    05-23-2016 06:59 PM
    Well... you see its pretty hard to kung when you should fu. And to fu when you should kung.

    To do so in any other order then kung and fu would be something else then kung fu altogether. The when does not matter so much as the order.

    Bachelor parties. Interviews. Wedding parties. Funerals. IPOs. Divorces. Parent meetings. News conference.

    Just make sure to start with a kung and end with a fu and it wiill solve all your problems.
  17. yoginimama
    05-23-2016 02:29 PM
    Blessings for breaking the cycle.
  18. yoginimama
    05-23-2016 12:05 PM
    yoginimama commented on Let's talk about parents...
    I am very sorry about this. Wishing you peace.
  19. BlueBox
    05-23-2016 11:55 AM
    That's a real horro... honor, I mean honor.
  20. CheerLeader96
    05-22-2016 02:16 AM

    Anything that allows me to travel the world.

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