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  1. peter
    Today 03:06 AM
    Thankyou for the kind offer but I've never seen the need for an avatar.
  2. Dodeca
    Today 01:06 AM
    I just saw the movie Transcendence today and saw how when the intelligence rebooted it rewrote its code. With Math self modifications follow from integration. Is there a seed to generate something that can understand incompleteness theorem or build systems complete and consistent exponential expanding from its perspective?
  3. MissionPossible
    Yesterday 03:53 AM
    Hello Monte - Long time no see. great to see you back on the forum again.
  4. envirodude
    04-18-2014 10:09 PM
    I personally inoculate every batch of mind control serum vaccine with "additives" protection to placate and subdue safeguard the sheep people of this great nation.
  5. Intrinsik
    04-18-2014 09:12 PM
    I never thought I was an idiot. I just know that I can't have learned everything in 22 years of life. You can't learn more if you have a fragile, or overinflated ego.
  6. Intrinsik
    04-18-2014 08:50 PM
    You aren't going to hurt me. The only way you could anger me is to post personal information about me against my consent and I don't think you will do that. I would rather be informed than sit in stupidity. Being ignorant on a subject and remaining in ignorance is a waste of a mind.
  7. Intrinsik
    04-18-2014 08:25 PM
    Why are you backing down? If you wish to educate me on something than do it as vehemently as you would like. You aren't going to hurt my feelings as I see it as a service to educate people. If you are trying to hurt my feelings by showing how much you know don't I still learn something from such an event?
  8. Dung
    This thread has been moved here from above.
  9. peter
    04-18-2014 06:16 PM
    I know you're popular but I find the blend of your contempt, your elitism and and your superficial religious faith repulsive. It's something I felt I had to say.
  10. peter
    04-18-2014 01:57 PM
    peter commented on How to teach S people?
    I directed a question to you regarding this post.
  11. Madden
    04-18-2014 12:56 AM
    Madden commented on No, you can't use me as a reference...
    You can lead a student to university, but you cannot make him think!
  12. stasis
    04-17-2014 07:03 PM
    stasis commented on How to teach S people?
  13. RosemaryY
    04-17-2014 05:19 PM
    Ha, why do you feel surprised? You deserve it!^ ^
  14. RosemaryY
    04-17-2014 04:18 PM
    you are outstanding....please allow me to adore you for a while ...just now… eh .... i should spare no effort to keep up with your pace :>!!!
  15. gracious
    04-17-2014 01:29 PM
    Thank you, Monte.
  16. Nsanity167
    04-15-2014 09:56 PM
    Thanks for dropping by. i'll see you around.
  17. lovesong
    04-15-2014 07:40 PM
    thank you at some point i think i might. thing is the rules say no text so..... i am not sure what images i have that arent text lol ill find something and see you about the fixing of such again thank you for offering help
  18. lovesong
    04-15-2014 05:04 PM
    hello to you too not sure what else to say
  19. sportsmanteau
    04-15-2014 03:26 PM
    Much appreciated; let's see if my public statement leads to increased motivation and commitment to undertake the extra work.
  20. sportsmanteau
    04-15-2014 10:28 AM
    Well, thanks. Glad it wasn't disruptive to the conversation. Contemplating a enrolling in a calculus class or two as I look on to your deliberations with some awe...

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