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  1. CaelestisPeste
    06-02-2013 01:52 AM
  2. CaelestisPeste
    02-06-2013 12:33 PM
    Good luck on the test! And if this wishful comment came too late, then I bet you did well.

    Luck to me is a set of coincidental events that a person unwillingly took advantage of. But who knows, it could be a gift from the angels, but I guess it depends on how you perceive it, since it could be luck to one person and a curse to another; like a card game: only one person can be lucky. One person may see being born into a privileged home as being lucky, and another may see it as stressful and inhibits personal growth, since everything is catered to the person.

    No, I don't really have a religion, unless you consider agnosticism its own religion. What about you?
  3. CaelestisPeste
    01-29-2013 10:50 PM
    Ok, let me rephrase that: low expectations for random luck. I think I used up most of my luck last year.

    In the US, I'd probably be considered average or mediocre in terms of investing. Ha, I hope I'm rich and can use the money before I die.

    How's your studying coming along?
  4. CaelestisPeste
    01-23-2013 09:01 PM
    Yeah, I'm approaching this with low expectations. Optimistic, but low expectations. Does that work?

    That happens with friends. I haven't spoken to a close friend for over 4 months, although I did bump into him at a friend's party. I expected it would happen sooner or later since we didn't have much to talk about and we begin to find our own little niche.

    Listen, compounding interest is god-send. By the time I'm 70, I should have accumulated about 3 million in my Roth IRA account if I deposit the maximum every fiscal year; I'm not even including 401k and pension plan yet. Hopefully inflation doesn't screw me over. Even if I do have kids and they support me, it's still better to have a fall back plan just in case. You should try looking into some investments; save up a little here and there, so you won't have to be worried in the future.

    Wow, I feel like I'm pitching you a sale as an insurance agent.

    Well, think of it like this, once you're done with the hardships of school, you can take a break and just travel. Just get your mind off things and see the world; meet new people. That's kind of my goal in life and is in my bucket list: see the world. Even better if it's from space.
  5. CaelestisPeste
    01-20-2013 05:57 PM
    Thanks, I hope things turn out well. It is 2012 and we haven't died, so guess it's a good start?

    You should try setting up a New Year's tradition. Every year, my friends and I would go to San Francisco, even if we miss the fireworks, which is most of the time. It didn't require much money, except for maybe gas, but everyone chipped in.

    Yup, 24. Already started saving up for retirement. Surprisingly enough, I'm a bit late to jump on the retirement band wagon, since some people have already started saving up since they were 15, with the help of their parents of course. Well, better late than never, I suppose.

    My first few puffs of the cigar didn't go so well, since I was coughing up all the smoke I inhaled -- I don't smoke. It's an interesting feeling. It has similar effects of drinking a glass of wine; a bit soothing. The taste was like smoking sweet wood. It's hard to describe. We did it on a mountain overlooking the city, which added to the experience.

    Winter's pretty much over, and now it feels like Spring. It's California, so it's not that cold. I'm assuming India isn't that cold either?

    I don't think I'm working my ass off compared to your circumstance of living in a foreign country on your own and trying to be a doctor; my life is a piece of cake, right now.
  6. CaelestisPeste
    01-17-2013 02:44 PM
    How was your New Years?

    Life's still the same. Not much action or suspense, which I guess is a good thing. It's the year of the snake, so I guess I should be more lucky? I don't know. Last year was my friend's year and he didn't do so great. I did try a cigar; new experience.

    Yeah. I have a final tomorrow. I'm taking a class for winter semester, which basically means an entire course crammed into 2 weeks. I had a mid-term a week ago.
  7. CaelestisPeste
    01-01-2013 03:17 PM
    Happy New Years!
  8. CaelestisPeste
    12-02-2012 04:56 PM
    Yeah, I'm pretty lucky to get this position, since I was probably one step away from just being at home all day - not including school - and not having a job. Timing really paid off. I left my previous job right before my supervisor left, which entail would probably put me out of a position. Also, this job was supposed to last only about a month and probably not pay, which kind of deterred me from accepting the position. But now I'm getting paid, getting a good amount of experience in several departments, and I'll be here until February or March. Pretty lucky.

    Fate. I'm not sure what to think of that word or idea.
  9. CaelestisPeste
    11-25-2012 05:20 PM
    Yup. Things are getting more interesting now, since I've been able to complete the business process diagrams. I think they'll move me to the Revenue department later next week. I think this may be where I'll have to start putting the accounting knowledge I learned from school to work -- not sure though. I've been offered a referral to work in another city by my manager, but I'm not sure if I'd want to continue working in the public sector. I guess I have to take it one step at a time.

    So do you plan on becoming a surgeon or a general practitioner?
  10. CaelestisPeste
    11-14-2012 05:42 PM
    Problem is I can't right now, since I'll need the experience here to find a better job. Plus, I've only been here for about a month, which is why I feel like I'm being to ambitious and maybe greedy, in a way.

    I highly doubt my employer care if I leave. He may be a bit shocked and maybe a little pity, but definitely not dependent on me. I'm sure there are plenty of people waiting in line to get an opportunity to work in the public sector, in consideration to the job market today.

    Yeah, none of the subjects sound simple in any way. I'm surprised you said pathology and not surgery. Do you have to identify every disease? And how do you study for surgery?
  11. CaelestisPeste
    11-14-2012 12:49 AM
    Well, it was supposed to be an unpaid internship, but he offered to pay me, since I did a lot of work. I'm not broke, but it's been mostly stagnant, since I've been going through my stash, paying for gas and food.

    They're not going to pay me much, but it covers most of my daily expenses. Plus, it'll give me more motivation to continue working there. I think it might be the lack of pay that's making feel like I should look for another job, even though everyone's telling me I'm lucky to even find a government job without any references.

    Wow, that's some heavy stuff. Which do you find the most difficult?
  12. CaelestisPeste
    11-13-2012 11:19 PM
    I've been caught up with work and school as well.

    Life is good. A smooth transition, and they're starting to pay me at the internship. I think it's because they feel sad for me... I don't know. It's better than nothing. Is it wrong for me to think about looking for another job? lol.

    Good luck on your exams. What subjects?
  13. CaelestisPeste
    10-17-2012 01:53 PM

    I've tried the Mcdonalds in Shanghai and Beijing. They're much better, in terms of taste, than the one here in the US. I've never tried the pork. There's already to much pork dishes in China. I wanted some chicken or beef.

    I think I'd rather get a job that allows me to travel the world, although it would probably mean no long term relationships in the meantime.

    I thought the reason you're in India is because you wanted to help out the folks living there? I mean if you don't enjoy being there and you don't have to be there, you could probably transfer. I'd like to see new cultures, but in the end I'll probably go back. I'm a bit conservative when it comes to new things.

    No chicken wings? Well, you could always buy a ton of chickens and just take the wings. And since they don't eat wings, you could give or sell the rest.

    That's normal to want let some steam off. It clears you thoughts and frustrations; it's unhealthy to bottle it up. I think that's why there are so many psychiatrists around now.
  14. CaelestisPeste
    10-14-2012 07:39 PM
    I did OK. Nothing to be proud of. At least now I know what the 2nd midterm and finals will be like.

    No. I haven't tried whiskey and Pepsi; I have tried Rum and coke, though. It's not bad. Vodka seems to go well with most mixers: Orange juice, coke, pineapple juice, etc.

    Well, currently I'm working around 20 hours a week, but since I'm going to move over to my new job, it will probably be less; maybe around 12 to 15 hours a week.

    Wait, the Mcdonalds at your place serves chicken wings? Lucky. I hate that fast food joints here pale in comparison to the ones in other countries: the environment and food quality. And you live in a hostel?

    Anyways... If it's a language issue, then it's time to buff up on your grammar and vocabulary. If you don't enjoy your time there it's going to be more difficult in the long run when you want to looking for a permanent job there. I'd tell you to be more optimistic, but I think everyone has the right to complain and it's not my place to judge. Hell, I complain and I have a very nice relaxed lifestyle. I wish I could go out and explore and meet new people, like what you're doing right now, but I'm stuck here. I also know plenty of people who are worse off, so I try to be positive. I'm not sure if that makes me a sadist or more of a sadist.

    As for the food comments, it's pretty normal for people to be amazed by foreign tastes. I'm sure you've been surprised by some of the foods they have. I guess I'm used to those kinds of comments since I live in a country that is a melting pot of cultures. There's a couple ways you can deal with this. Either make some chicken wings for them and force feed them (convince them) or ignore it. Try having a pot luck or something; get all the diverse plates and dishes together.
  15. CaelestisPeste
    10-09-2012 03:14 PM
    I think you responded on your own wall.
  16. anisoptera
    10-05-2012 08:43 AM
    It's fine. How did you do in your mid terms?

    I see, yeah, indeed vodka is really strong. Have you tried whiskey with pepsi adding to it? My friend told me it's nice.
    I have friends who procrastinate a lot and turn out to be in the dean's list, I wish I could have the same genius brain as him.

    How long is your working hours?
    Yea, It was really hectic, I do not have time to eat even.

    Exactly, I depend on something familiar and easy.
    I never used to ask for help in small things like calling a cab or an electrician to fix the plug. It's just because of my inadequacy in language that bring me into such things.
    Well, looking on the bright side, this damn place really teaches a lot of stuff, like, I learnt that it is not possible to survive independently here, mainly due to communication problem, and of course being a minority here, and I need help and support from people around me. And people will only help me when I'm being open to them.
    Indeed people here are very interested in knowing me and my business, and judging who I am. The reason why I've been suffering for the period of time here is because I draw a line between myself and these people, I couldn't see why we should be one, we are different in terms of culture, thinking etc.,
    I guess I was wrong, the pent up hatred and anger kills me inside, I couldn't live in peace with myself, my mind is so crazy.
    I'm still working on it, it's not easy but I can see the difference now, I try to put a smile on my face, sometimes I must just tolerate how some crazy people think, I mean how differently they think, (perhaps, they're tolerating my craziness as well), I just want to be peace with them in order to live with myself, I want to feel lighter inside.
    Like the other day, we were talking how bad the hostel food is, so I suggested them to buy some chicken wings to fry. They look at me with amazement, and said," you eat chicken wing? how come? we don't eat that, why do you eat weird things, how do you cook that?". I just couldn't believe what I'd heard. But yea, I just smiled even though they laughed at me, because deep inside, I know I'm not weird, I had chicken wings in Mc Donalds since I was a kid, so there's no need to be angry at all, I don't bother to comment much either as they might think I insult them.
  17. CaelestisPeste
    10-04-2012 11:07 AM
    Sorry for the delayed response. I had midterms.

    I find vodka to be more satisfying than beer. Plus you would have to drink a couple of beers before you get the effect of 1 shot of vodka or any other hard liquor. Normally, I drink Smirnoff, since my friend provides them -- I only drink the hard stuff socially.

    I consider myself lazy as well. But more often than not, it's because I'm distracted, and more interested in one thing than the other. Plus, I tend to procrastinate very often, but I seem to do better when I have to finish up a project or study for a test at the last minute.

    I don't use their computer facilities. I bring my own laptop. Sometimes, my work schedule can be a bit "flexible".

    Wow, you have quite the work experience. The clinical assistant must have been engaging. I probably would've hated being a telemarketer too; I'm way too introverted to make cold calls to people.

    I don't know, you seem pretty independent where you are, being in a foreign place, living on your own. I don't think relying on people makes you dependent, unless you do it too often, but for you, you're leaving your comfort zone and your dependency on something familiar and easy.
  18. CaelestisPeste
    09-22-2012 02:07 PM
    The limit is .08 for regular drivers in CA. Not sure about the other states.
    Well, taking into consideration to what I drink the most, I think it would be vodka. I only drink it when I'm socializing with people -- loosen up.

    Yup, that's about it. It's like a slippery slope. Once you head down that road, it's hard to get back up. I'm talking about laziness. I guess it was also a period of depression.

    The job is in the Finance department of City Hall. The person interviewing me is in the Accounts payable sector of the department. I'm honestly not to sure what the job will entail, since it's an internship position, which means it's probably going to be menial labor for a while: filing, walking around (looking like you're doing work), copying, and etc.

    Yeah, Christmas is going to be a while. So what are you looking forward to when you get back?
  19. CaelestisPeste
    09-20-2012 12:45 PM
    Yeah, tell me about it. I barely remembered that night. And after I sobered up from sleeping in my car, I accidentally cut off a cop car. And yes, he pulled me over. Luckily for me, he was nice and told me to drive safe.

    Same. I rarely mingle as well. If it's a friend's party, I would go help the cook or grandmother and help set up the party.

    New job? No, not yet anyways. I got a response for a second interview, so I'm a bit hopeful for the position. Yeah, surprisingly, I'm doing quite well. Having little time means I have to prioritize and schedule my work, which makes me more productive. When I didn't work, I was pretty lazy and spent my entire day doing absolutely nothing -- school work included.

    So are you back at your parents' place or still in India?
  20. CaelestisPeste
    09-18-2012 12:25 AM
    Yeah, I know what you mean. Thankfully, I don't have friends who talk behind each others backs, but that's probably why I have a few close friends.

    Partying? That depends. If I'm with close friends and I'm at a party, I tend to be a bit quiet and mind my own business. But when I'm at a random place with random people, and my friends aren't there, I can get a bit "loose". I think I threw up in someone's car a couple weeks ago. I might have broken into that car...

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