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  1. Eye on Earth
    10-31-2014 10:45 PM
    Eye on Earth
    *Waves his alligator tail at you in greeting*
    *Looks around for beer*
  2. Eye on Earth
    10-30-2014 11:36 PM
    Eye on Earth
    Wow, you dressed up as a famous actor too..woot woot! Long time no see.

    *Chugs beer and smirks*
    *Sets out two more mugs and waits for more beer*
  3. Eye on Earth
    07-23-2014 09:00 PM
    Eye on Earth
    Cheers! Long time no see. Where've you been?
  4. Eye on Earth
    04-15-2014 01:34 AM
    Eye on Earth
    *Hands you a Fosters*

    I hear they are good for hangovers.

  5. Eye on Earth
    04-12-2014 03:07 AM
    Eye on Earth

    Where've you been bro?
  6. Eye on Earth
    01-02-2014 10:52 PM
    Eye on Earth
    The cats are currently napping on the cat mansion and happy to be home after staying at their grandma's house.

    *EoE waves at Awesome*
  7. Eye on Earth
    12-09-2013 12:56 AM
    Eye on Earth
    *Gulps down the bev*
    *Says, "Hot, hot, hot."*
    *Grins and thanks you*

    In NYC, so yes, it is very chill. Hope it is warmer where you are.
  8. Eye on Earth
    11-17-2013 01:42 AM
    Eye on Earth
    G'day mate. What's new with you?
  9. Eye on Earth
    11-03-2013 09:15 AM
    Eye on Earth
  10. Eye on Earth
    10-04-2013 01:26 AM
    Eye on Earth
    I'm sitting by my pool petting my dog and watching my cats play with a toy. Life is good.

    Soon, your perfect home will find you.
  11. Eye on Earth
    10-03-2013 04:02 PM
    Eye on Earth
    Find a house yet?
  12. The Rose
    09-12-2013 05:33 PM
    The Rose
    Thanks. Going pretty well. I have a great job. My kids are all doing well. Everyone is healthy. That's a lot to be grateful for! How about you?
  13. Eye on Earth
    09-04-2013 11:28 PM
    Eye on Earth
    *Is all excited about books*

    Old ones are the best. I'm exploring the use of the first printing presses now. Amazing stuff.
  14. Eye on Earth
    09-03-2013 01:32 AM
    Eye on Earth
    *EoE points at that house over there*

    That's the one. Soon it will be yours.
  15. Eye on Earth
    07-28-2013 03:37 PM
    Eye on Earth
    *EoE points at some awesomeness on your chin*
    *Hands you a Kleenex*

    Where is Mt. Rushmore? Isn't that the place where they buried some US presidents in the mountain?
  16. Eye on Earth
    07-16-2013 04:00 AM
    Eye on Earth
    Where are you with all your awesomeness? I just want to rub all over it.
  17. Eye on Earth
    02-15-2013 10:46 PM
    Eye on Earth
    No, no friends there, but that must have freaked them out. Wow.
  18. GoldBoost
    01-15-2013 01:19 PM
    Awesome is one of my favorite words. It perfectly encompasses my enthusiasm when someone is having a good day.
    Or when I just had great sex.
    My name is the name of a guitar effect's pedal. Much less interesting
  19. GoldBoost
    01-15-2013 12:58 PM
    Best name dude!
  20. Eye on Earth
    11-26-2012 02:47 AM
    Eye on Earth
    I need help naming my new house. I was thinking Walla Walla Bing Bang, but thought you might have some good/better ideas.

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