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  1. Zhen
    12-17-2014 04:34 PM
    lol sorry ditzy enfp I forgot!!! That was EONS ago...that's why I friended you so that I would remember...and then you could remind me Tell me again and I'll physically write them down... sorry, I'm not very good with electronic records

    p.s yeah Dead Poets is great although to be honest it's more my sister's fav since she is a way bigger NERD than me . btw have you seen SHINE? that is a favourite...I also love Geoffrey Rush and Noah Taylor. Also curious what you think of Priscilla Queen of the Desert or Muriel's Wedding or Strictly Ballroom or The Castle...most foreigners I've met haven't seen many aussie films, always interesting to see how people respond to the "unique" culture, lol

    Yeah now you pointed it out...I can't remember liking any film with Affleck either...What was it...GOOD WILL HUNTING? Major dud. Obviously people just apppreciate it for eye candy
  2. Zhen
    12-17-2014 05:13 AM
    okay, i'm starting to think NTs like a certain kind of movie and NFs a certain kind. I saw "gone girl" after i saw it raved about on here...really didn't enjoy it. Neither did my NF bf. What did you think if you've seen it? Next targets on my watch list are "Paddington", "the element of crime", "the theory of everything", "big hero 6" and "the imitation game"....if you've seen anything good, keep those suggestions's movie watching season!!
  3. girlygirl
    12-15-2014 01:30 PM
    I plan to call TWC for use as a backup connection because I'm getting more outages this year and losing almost $26hr really killed me a couple times.

    I should do that today but I'm so dead.
  4. girlygirl
    12-15-2014 01:28 PM
    IKR = I know, right?

    I have actually had the situation where I heard a kid in the background and thinking of that video asked the dad "is this your daughter's computer? It is? Great! Let's get her on the line here to do the troubleshooting so if this happens again she'll know how to fix it"
    That 40min call ended up resolved with 10min of the daughter's time and the dad was so grateful! win-win

    and good lord don't ever ask an old lady if she has a friend who can help! 2 old ladies are horrible! Old people and kids are actually my fav calls but 2 old ladies? never! they bicker with each other and completely ignore what you're telling them to do. Usually the one holding the phone whispers how stupid the other is
    I have actually said to them before "when you ladies are finished troubleshooting the issue, if you aren't able to resolve it give us a call back" and then I give them my closing which either #1 freaks them out and they start listening and doing what you're telling them to do (or partially *sigh*) or #2 they say sure and hang up
  5. girlygirl
    12-15-2014 12:46 AM
    IKR? I actually double mute (headset and the phone) because I saw this movie where the guy was being trained and forgot to put on mute before acting like a tool... I'm a bit wasted ATM so can't remember the movie name but it's hilarious.

    Tech Support
  6. girlygirl
    12-14-2014 06:32 PM
    from an old CC worker
  7. masterpeach
    12-06-2014 09:59 AM
    (has your hand healed in the mean time? that looked really bad)
  8. AudibleBlink
    12-06-2014 12:09 AM
    AudibleBlink commented on The Blog for All INTJf Writers
    Yes please! (To the poetry.) Welcome to the Writer's Blog.
  9. masterpeach
    12-05-2014 08:57 AM
    masterpeach commented on Let's see your selfie!
    That's a cute picture... even if a little dark.
  10. Zhen
    12-01-2014 08:29 PM
    yeah i went to see that one lured by the slick visuals in the trailer...I MADE myself sit through it all cos I paid for it I think next time I see his name on a flick I will just completely skip it- I have never found one yet I really liked. Just eye candy that's all he's good for. I guess some suckers like the blatant "quirky"...needs more substance please!
  11. Zhen
    12-01-2014 08:16 PM
    Oh I hate Wes Anderson lol in fact I have that in concrete somewhere on this site from this year! So maybe it is the NT NF divide or whatever makes me non intj. I do agree his films are good for eye candy and that's about where the positives end for me - I need to really enjoy the plot/idea content as well.

    yeah 6 is watchable and kind of interesting but I thought you thought predestination was REALLY GOOD. really good is like in the 7s and definitely 8 on.

    Yeah I didn't like first I thought maybe it's cos I'm too dumb as I know some smart people that really liked it...but maybe if you hated it after the first watch I'm just extra "quick"

    Not seen either of those will keep them in mind.
  12. Zhen
    12-01-2014 05:29 AM
    a 6/10?!! sheesh! I thought you thought it was GOOD lol next time don't recommend me anything below a 7, lol...hey timely you should ask I was talking with another NT friend and he said our INTJ friend really likes INTERSTELLAR...on IMDB it gets like a whopping 8.9 or something like that! so yeah just for that stand out fact I think I will have to watch it even though I don't usually like sci fi too much. I was a bit confused by a lot of films that have been put in that category though like donnie darko etc...which I would classify as more indie than sci fi. one sci fi I can remember hating apart from inception was SOLARIS...russian cult classic from the 70s? yeah I hate that!! maybe you'll like it though...maybe you can recommend me something good from a non sci fi genre NT friend posited that cos I am an NF we tend to appreciate more "arty" films, lol...oh and I am an ex almost film major so I've seen a fair few pretty good or classic/famous films. Not too much in recent years though. I love foreign and/or art house, also documentary...there I said it. So if you know of any...
  13. Zhen
    11-30-2014 04:37 AM
    okay i actually saw it, i didn't expect to but i was too dead to do anything so got to watch it. first half was really good then it kinda petered out and went too non linear trying to be too clever sci fi for me...i was most impressed that it looks and feels like a hollywood blockbuster but is actually totally filmed and made in australia!!! i think i prefer the giver cos the idea on film was more original and less done than the time travelling stuff.
  14. Zhen
    11-26-2014 07:20 PM
    yeah I only had to pay $2 that's why I saw it :D my niece read the book and met the author which is how I found out about it and I was strongly warned to not bother seeing it as it's such a great book you have to read...but a $2 movie? I couldn't resist! the idea is interesting though

    I guess you have a point for things that matter and aren't trivial I'm not very impulsive rather maybe overly considered. For things that are trivial though I'm pretty carefree...alot of Js I know the tiniest things are dramas...I remember one year I took a trip and we had to rent a car - the J accountant wasted at least 2 hours going to three different companies to read the fine print and comparing. At the end of the day that 2 hours of holiday time wasted was in lieu of a difference of $2. so it's almost like p v j is big picture thinking vs detail oriented - I'd say I'm both - when I was more J or younger perhaps I definitely had less big picture thinking/unhealthier perspective.

    I will put Presdestination on my list...rarely find time to see films for fun these days though or maybe I find it challenging sitting still for 2 hours straight when I could be doing other stuff, lol

    I think I've found most IN/EN types are pretty perceptive or intuitive across the board - maybe not xNTPs...
  15. Zhen
    11-26-2014 08:47 AM
    hmmm 7.5 on imdb maybe i should watch it? weird the title reminds me very much of an interesting film i saw just recently THE GIVER where everybody is basically born to a manufactured utopian society predestined to a certain role...the book is much better apparently.

    that's an interesting way to think of it. I always thought I'm pretty inflexible but I guess to be open minded to new ideas in the first place can in some way be thought of as I guess I'm a P more flexible than many Js but then a pretty inflexible P at that! Fight or Flight! takes me back to both high school and university biology classes, lol good times...Interesting how you say for you things are usually premeditated...I can be like that but then again often I am actually too impulsive to be premeditated. I guess for the longest time that is reflected by the push and pull of sitting on the p/j fence but I think older now I'm more P....but I don't know.
  16. Zhen
    11-23-2014 04:39 AM
    yup i bet it's already some wise saying but basically everything changes...adapt or die! What you just said reminds me of those stories where people married a certain gender but then 20 years later that person decides they want to get a sex change...that was the first thing that came to mind...anyway cool people can adapt...I don't think I could though. I'm not that flexible >.<! But I think the human spirit is strong and they can rise to meet most challenges they encounter...
  17. Zhen
    11-20-2014 06:52 PM
    love the last 6 words, lol...i know exactly what you mean. luckily there is always light at the end of the tunnel...eventually. because nothing ever stays the same...sometimes that's a GOOD thing
  18. Zhen
    11-20-2014 07:43 AM
    lol i completely have no idea what i was referring to. it's nice you check your VMs every 2 years or so
  19. CrudeHypothesis
    11-15-2014 06:30 PM
  20. Sk8ordude
    11-14-2014 04:48 PM
    Thanks man, I'm glad to still be kickin too.

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