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  1. nickvold
    03-10-2013 10:09 AM
    nickvold commented on Would you date an INTJ?
  2. drawThreeCards
    02-28-2013 09:39 AM
    He is one of the main characters on the TV show HOUSE.
  3. Wry Satyr
    02-20-2013 11:29 AM
    Wry Satyr
    Love your peaceful cat avatar!
  4. RBM
    02-17-2013 02:44 PM
    I'm not sorry for my '20's' running into my 30's - it had immense value of learning about parents and my life.

    I understand what you mean about 'if I was an extrovert', as I experienced an aspect of that when I got retrained into HVAC/R in '08.

    I'm also thankful for the cancer as it gave me an opportunity to give in to my mortality in a healthy way.

    Yes, action is what it takes in careers. Good Luck.
  5. RBM
    02-17-2013 08:21 AM
    RE: Self-discovery

    I was born to two alcoholic parents and adapted their lifestyle when I went out on my own. My 20's lasted till I was 37 yo when I got busted for a DUI with a high BAC which according to my lawyer would be a red flag to any presiding judge.

    I'm presently 59 yo and also over 8 years post-cancer.

    So, take this as you will: 'ever-changing sustainability policies and measures' is job security.

    I suspect, one with your focus of property investment and finance would indicate you are more interested in $$ first and foremost. That would be backwards. Expertise in anything government regulated (assuming you're a US resident) will provide $$ to be plenty comfortable. If that's not good enough for you, then you have other issues to learn and I hope your 20's end when you turn 30 yo.

    Good Luck.
  6. RBM
    If you focused on details of property architecture in that effort you may well be in shape to pursue opportunity related to encergy issues.
  7. Looksupordown
    12-30-2012 05:08 PM
    Looksupordown commented on Things you love!!!
    Secular Amen!
  8. calliscripta
    11-15-2012 01:16 PM
    Mm...I read realism in something you posted. I like that. It seems a rare thing.
  9. calliscripta
    11-13-2012 12:00 PM
    I like you.
  10. Minerva
    11-09-2012 02:17 PM
    Minerva commented on What Makes a Woman a Woman?
    I like this post!!! Oh, and I like your avatar too. So cute!
  11. JackCY
    the first pic is great
  12. Zsych
    10-21-2012 07:04 PM
    Zsych commented on Artsy INTJS?
    like it.

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