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  1. Seablue
  2. mrvontar
    10-13-2014 11:22 PM
    Comp. sci. which isn't really applicable, I hear they hire civilians for most computing programming things. I'm tempted to go in before I finish college; I'd start as an e2 with as many credits as I have and it would help me pay off college. At the same time, I could go in after college and go in as an officer but I kind of want to leave where I'm at.
  3. mrvontar
    10-12-2014 03:42 PM
    What is your job in there? I'm thinking of joining. Still undecided, just doing another term of college for now. You signed up for six years for the hell of it or what?
  4. mrvontar
    10-09-2014 05:23 PM
    mrvontar commented on Member Pictures: Volume 23
    how long have you been in the navy? do you like it?
  5. Adam Ellison
    09-09-2014 09:31 PM
    Adam Ellison
    Cool, thanks for taking the time to welcome me. It's fine, I can handle a dose of negativity. I love Philosophy, read it, write it, live it. Stubborn posters are easy, no different to a monkey running down the road banging on an empty can to warn off any predators or dominant males.

    All the best, thank you.
    I'll be hanging around.
  6. count0
    09-06-2014 03:44 PM
    I set up a doodle poll for scheduling and hotel sharing in Vegas. PM me your email to participate.
  7. Silverity
    08-27-2014 02:42 AM
    Silverity commented on What Do You Sound Like? An Accent Test
  8. Mind Virus
    07-17-2014 01:07 AM
    Mind Virus commented on Halloween Vegas 2014
    sooo what are you saying
  9. INTJRyan
    07-14-2014 07:21 PM
    INTJRyan commented on Halloween Vegas 2014
    Yeah, I was wondering the same!
  10. Async
    07-14-2014 07:13 PM
    Async commented on Halloween Vegas 2014
    good question, I was wondering about that as well
  11. vermeer
    07-02-2014 12:46 PM
    Yeah, thought so as well. Oddly enough I felt super embarrassed because they were so rude. I didn't care about going there at all but I know my friend did and I picked the one church where the people supposed to greet you at the entrance think they're bouncers in a club.

    That Hitler thing is more common that you think. Combined with do you like Rammstein and is there really no speed limit on the Autobahn? The oddest part is really when you notice it's not even meant to be insulting but more curiosity. I agree it would be kind of ridiculous though, I mean we still have right wing people here of course (as most countries seem to) mainly in economically weak regions like the east and of course with a tendency for lower class and uneducated people though that's not all. It's something I really put some thought into recently as with the last European vote you had lots of parties dressing all these ideas up and making them more socially acceptable and that showed a tendency that wasn't too nice really. Oddly enough it mainly seems to be the tendency to blame others for your problems rather than identifying real reasons... Now I wrote way too much about that though, sorry.

    I've been to Canada recently it was great. The US I haven't really seen much of, been there but in situations where you don't really travel. True I forgot about that. When I was learning the language I truly disliked that one because it reminded me of "wandern" (hiking). Any favourite travel locations for you?
  12. vermeer
    07-01-2014 05:51 PM
    It is a really good experience. Btw: England was also the first country where I wasn't allowed to enter church. I'm not religious I didn't bother before, but a friend who visited studied it and wanted to see an Anglican church service once, so I went to the closest church with her. I studied there and she read courses in English literature so we did speak English but not to each other, felt kind of odd, so they overheard us speaking German and one guy said: "I have to ask you to leave. You wouldn't understand what happens here anyway." Never thought this could happen, ever. The being American part shouldn't bother you, you get this wherever you are from. I honestly got asked if Hitler still lives and if I like him. With a straight face.

    Nah, he didn't care about the language, he just disliked foreigners. I am in the area of Frankfurt atm, but I do consider to leave again. No idea yet though. We have the word "Fernweh" is there something similar in English? It's like being homesick maybe, just rather a longing for foreign places and traveling instead of missing home (homesick is "Heimweh" ).
  13. vermeer
    06-30-2014 05:48 PM
    Germany. Though I'm one of the people who don't really get homesick. I love seeing different countries. Both these examples where from Britain btw, studied there for a bit so not really exotic, although it might sound like it.

    It's not like I ever was ok with treating people like that. But experiencing it was quite a different thing still. In my case it were landlords and their worries were quite real of course. That I just go back home and they'd have a lot of problems getting their money etc. I mean I didn't do it but it can easily happen to you as a landlord i suppose. More awkward was a guy in bar chatting me up with "There's no one here who's speaking English without one of these horrible foreign accents today, annoying isn't it." Enjoyed the most is difficult though. All have their pros and cons. I loved the university I went to in Britain though so maybe that. Classes with about 6 people, it was amazing.
  14. vermeer
    06-30-2014 05:12 PM
    I don't know I think it was a mixture of it being crowded and no one giving a fuck.

    Hm when you don't know the language it's harder I bet. I've only been to English speaking countries for longer periods really. Still had wtf moments... Like paying your electricity bill at the post office? Also first time I got the "nah no foreigners" thing. I think that helped a lot with empathy for others in my home country. But I guess you're right no reasons to complain either way.
  15. vermeer
    06-30-2014 04:55 PM
    Just when you started to enjoy it? That's to bad. Barcelona was great but I cannot really compare either I've been nowhere else in Spain. A friend worked there and I visited. But I'd never go again without a pair of shoes with steel toe caps.

    So you go back home or to a new place? Staying in a foreign country for some months and getting to know it is a great experience though. No matter if it went according to plan or not.
  16. vermeer
    06-30-2014 04:44 PM
    Awesome! For work or vacations? I hope you could enjoy the time there either way though, Spain is great. (To be honest, I've only really seen Barcelona though. Great fun. Except for fucking lots of people stepping on my toes? )
  17. vermeer
    06-30-2014 04:19 PM
    vermeer commented on Member Pictures: Volume 22
    That looks really cool. Where are you?
  18. Monte314
    06-29-2014 01:09 AM
    Monte314 commented on Who you are sexually attracted to and why
    Whom, not who. *annoying dog is annoying*
  19. JackCY
    06-21-2014 02:31 PM
    I'm in chat or around, if you need some help, advice or links to reviews of computer parts.
    Here shops will even build the PC for you if one wants it. I don't but I think many people use that service. If you've never played with computer parts, then have it built I guess but it's not difficult if you have patience. You can watch Youtube videos of how it's done.
  20. Madden
    06-18-2014 05:39 PM

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