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  1. kaer
    11-04-2013 06:33 AM
    Yes, it has been a while, the next upcoming music post for you...
  2. Monte314
    11-03-2013 10:55 AM
    Uncle Pongo! I thought you went to the Rainbow Bridge!
  3. awake
    03-22-2013 09:15 PM
    awake commented on Pushing your INTJ boundaries
    rest & parkour, there's another dichotomy Thanks for the comments.
  4. psykhe
    03-16-2013 09:05 AM
    psykhe commented on Kumusta everyone...
  5. kaer
    09-03-2012 08:33 AM
    Click the image to open in full size.

    A photo to go with Yoko Kanno - Sora, and dress your wall with a touch of dreamy nature.

    Zero Hour was a lovely pick, like a forward-looking mission.

    Aeon, thanks for always leaving a positive trail behind you...
  6. kaer
    08-27-2012 05:56 PM
    Thanks Aeon,

    Your selected pieces sent a vibrating note.
    Your reply stirred up thoughts of life's turning points.
    A place I hold dear also helped me when I was growing up as a kid.

    "AWARENESS is not a giver of solace - it is just the opposite. It is a disturber and an awakener."

    P.S. I will send you something after my retreat. ^ ^ Meanwhile...

    Click the image to open in full size.

    "Life is like a camera, just focus on what's important and capture the good times,
    develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, just take another shot."
  7. Ethereal Dream
    08-21-2012 07:52 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    And thanks for the words of encouragement for art therapy. I really am feeling drawn to this. I majored in finance which I now really regret. My parents kept saying they were not going to pay my tuition for majoring in art to live in a van down by the river! I am happy that I am in something that has financially been secure and lucrative, however, that is not where my deep happiness resides. I know I need to follow my calling and life is way too short not to.

    And I am deeply sorry you have experienced some trauma. I am so, so sorry to hear that. These punches certainly can change us and affect us so deeply. But they can also bring with them much change for the positive. You can find a very new appreciation in life that you may not have discovered until enduring these things. I am very sorry and also sorry to hear about the anxiety. I have suffered that as well and I would not wish it on my enemy. It can be lessened and able to be controlled. We live in a very anxious world. I don't know how old you are but I sense you are younger than me. My heart breaks for the younger generations because they truly are not feeling hope. The despair, uncertaintly and fear is very apparent to me. And many also seem desensitized and apathetic. It is very sad to witness. I would LOVE to work with you if I could on helping you overcome some of this through art. I did have the privilege to be accepted in a great art school during one summer in high school. During that experience I had the opportunity to work with young children and the elderly - with art being the medium to help them overcome some of their disabilities. With the elderly it is proving it is helping with Alzheimers now and with children that are abused or have some other emotional issues such as Autism, art therapy is also proving as a great tool in addition to talk therapy. Plus the looks on these children and older adults faces! They were so proud of the pieces they created and especially the elderly. Many had never touched a paint brush in their lives so seeing them in delight with their completed works really made me happy. If you ever need an ear or someone to talk to please reach out. I have been in the state you currently in and I know how hard and incomprehensible it can feel. I certainly hope you start feeling better soon and there is a light at the end of the tunnel I can say that. I think it will always be background noise with me, but it is definitely manageable. Please, I sincerely mean it, reach out anytime. And the PM is here if you feel more comfortable in that form.
  8. Ethereal Dream
    08-21-2012 07:51 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    Awww that is really nice and appreciate your kind words! LOL I do like to talk about a vast array of topics and I am sure there are times people are shocked I am an introvert!

    And how cool some of your friends are in film school and lucky you getting a sneak preview! I love psychological horror films myself. I have always been turned on by murder mysteries as well. In fact I have heard of a few INFJ's being into those things. I am a pretty big geek because one of my soft spots is watching Hercules Poirot on PBS every week! I am a big Agatha Christie fan! I can imagine seeing your friends film was very telling for you. BUT I promise we are not dangerous nor will hurt you! I hope we don't scare you now, I really do. You have to remember we are pretty big idealists and the way the world is designed is hard for us to understand or accept. We want to understand and gain knowledge and with humanity being our biggest focus, going into the deep unknowns encompasses that. What about you? What sort of films/genres are you pulled towards? I love just about everything but the psychological and mystery ones I do enjoy the most. I love trying to solve puzzles. I also love foreign films. They are up there too. My hubby here is drawn more to Sci-Fi and action. Both of those are lower on my list but do appreciate them.
  9. Monte314
    08-20-2012 10:12 PM
    Hello. Just stopping by...
  10. Ethereal Dream
    08-19-2012 12:02 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    I am not one to initiate friend requests often, but would love to have you on there if ok. You seem like a wonderful person and very insightful too
  11. Ethereal Dream
    08-19-2012 11:28 AM
    Ethereal Dream
    Wow what a beautiful photographer. Thanks for introducing me to this guy and wow yes the way he has captured the human form is breathtaking. Ni really equates to aesthetics in many ways. We are highly sensitive to beauty, most likely very particular too. I think INxJ's INFJ's in particular feel a strong need to create beauty and immerse themselves in beautiful surroundings.

    That is cool you have a lot of friends that are visual artists. I have a few friends that are graphic designers too that work in marketing/advertising. One just got a job with CNN and it is so amazing to see some of his work on TV! I appreciate art too, always have and even though I engage in it, I love to work with other artists and see their techniques. The particular field I wanted to go into and am leaning on still doing is Art Therapy. It has been proven to be very beneficial for a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds.

    I am laughing at the sweet INFJ's you know yet you see darkness behind those eyes at the same time. NF's (Fe ones especially) are drawn to the systems of people and what lies behind the human psyche. INFJ's have a deep fascination and curiosity in how people tick as well as human existence. This also draws us into the darker sides of the inner working of humans. Many romantics are dark (Poe one of my favorites) and we see much symbolism and use that in our expressions whether visually or verbally in metaphoric descriptions. I think those that are drawn to the darker romanticism has accepted and understood the human condition is not necessarily good, like more Transcendentalists believe. I think INFJ's may be aware they are not the perfect humans in the perfect idealistic world they envision. They from what I have seen are a bit more controlled than some INFP's that can really be tortured and obsessed with darkness. There is something inherently moving, mysterious and romantic in these darker images too. So on our quest for the meaning of life, we embrace dark aspects yes. And we acknowledge that within us and all humanity but do try and channel that in more positive ways. Many will find themselves in more "altruistic" missions etc. And yes art is a wonderful release for emotions. Not just visual but poetry as well.

    Thanks again for sharing Vadim Stein! I am loving his stuff and will add him into my collection here! Glad you like Chris Anthony, he does have some really interesting pieces. So nice to talk with you and I am glad I have bumped into you as well!
  12. Nightmare
    08-18-2012 02:39 PM
    No problem, friend. I'm a Zep Head
  13. AliceFoster
    08-16-2012 01:45 PM
    I actually have a bit after some posts haha Thanks =)
  14. kaer
    08-16-2012 03:17 AM
    Maybe you can share a favourite of yours...
  15. Ethereal Dream
    08-15-2012 03:49 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    This is the piece that drew me to him and will most likely always remain my favorite. It's called The Loon. How neat is this?
  16. Ethereal Dream
    08-15-2012 03:45 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    Wow you and he sound like you had similar experiences and yes I agree forcing you guys to be proper at such a young age is probably not the wisest thing! INFJ's on the other hand are considered kinda proper, well at least to group dynamics and we are sensitive to disharmony. I think I am probably more along the lines of a politically incorrect one and more rebellious!

    And yes I am an artist although it is not my full time career. I really wish it were many times. I dabble in pretty much everything, mainly charcoal, pastels, pencils and oils, but right now I want to venture into and learn digital art. I have always been drawn to symbolist and surrealist artists. Most of my work is abstract, but do have a few pieces that would classify as symbolist. And thank you! Maybe I will post some things out here eventually! Are you fond of art? And yes this avatar is quite wistful! I stumbled across this photographer named Chris Anthony by accident one day. I fell in love with his work and they are primarily Victorian Goth inspired.
  17. Ethereal Dream
    08-13-2012 07:04 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    LOL I can understand wanting to toss people into the street! I was very fortunate for my experience or else I would be having lots of black eyes and most likely permanent scars. My husband was forced into Catholic school and with his nature it was pretty rough for him too! And congratulations on finding yourself in a happy relationship! Eh, it doesn't matter, everyone is different and if it works for you that is most important. We have been together for years and just recently discovered all this MBTI stuff. And I seem to have taken more a liking and interest than him. He is still thinking it's a bunch of rubbish :P
  18. Ethereal Dream
    08-11-2012 12:06 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    Thanks very much for your very thoughtful response to my post. I appreciate you taking the time to respond and I hope you are getting enjoyment with your new adventure in MBTI and are connecting with like-minded souls! I am actually married to an INTJ (although he leans towards INTP) and he was just as confused as to this sudden move, so I thought I would come out here for some clarification. I am now aware what I need to be on the lookout for thanks to you guys! And I can very much understand how it is rough to deal with those that lean towards more sensory functions. I had the fortunate experience of going to a private school throughout my high school years which encompassed many INxx types. Once I hit the real world I met some challenges in terms of relating to others. So I understand where you are coming from. I have felt like an alien many times with people and although very happily married to another intuitive, I too am happy to connect with like minded souls and get a better understanding of personalities. Thanks so much again for your thoughtful response. Hope you're well!
  19. Ethereal Dream
    08-06-2012 09:33 AM
    Ethereal Dream
    That is really kind of you, thank you so much. I think we all are trying to find our little niche in this crazy place maybe introverted intuitives take a bit longer! I am really glad to hear things are coming around with you. I don't have the answers but my joy comes from being around good people and engaging in creative hobbies. Staying busy helps too as long as you don't burn yourself out! And certainly green tea! That is magical. Wish I could lay off the coffee more ; ) Thanks so much again and I will definitely be checking out your posts as well. Reach out anytime
  20. Ethereal Dream
    08-05-2012 06:08 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    Thanks so much for the kind words and the warm welcome! I am getting there, I think it is a long and hard process for most, but with age, I am feeling quite comfy in my skin. Thanks again, it is much appreciated! Nice to meet you!

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