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  1. zygodactylous
    11-16-2015 08:41 PM
    Thanks for looking out for me, Doomination- I always appreciate your advice. ^_^ I'm taking him up on his generous offer! Incredibly kind of him. I feel extremely fortunate and honored that anybody would want to try and help me like that, never mind a working professional taking time out of his day for a random undergrad.
  2. JTG
    11-14-2015 12:12 PM
    Yeah i think i did. I'm just gonna stop trying, haha. I can't keep up anymore
  3. Mattandsuch
    11-14-2015 12:02 PM
    Its pretty easy to fall into and you can even do that when arguing my pov.
  4. Mattandsuch
    11-14-2015 11:58 AM
    Ill take a look! I am sorry if I am coming across confrontational, some of the previous posters were way out of line.

    Are you referring to what No True Scotsman is?
  5. eagleseven
    11-10-2015 10:09 PM
    NYC is 8.5 million people, Chicago is 2.7 million, Houston is 2.2 million. This doesn't count the metro areas, of course.

    You don't need a calculator to see how dangerous Chicago has become.

    P.S. Columbus is more dangerous than Houston or NYC, but safer than Cleveland and Chicago.
  6. Seablue
    10-30-2015 08:21 AM
    Yeah sometimes I have a hard time telling with Americans. On one hand they seem to believe that you can have a job for 40 hours a week and still get a second one if you're not earning enough, which would be considered horrible here. On the other hand they do seem to spend more than I would find normal on various stuff.
  7. thod
    10-23-2015 08:38 AM
    Well yea, there is a lot of demand for chemical engineering. Anthropology though, not much call for that outside of academia. About as useful of Egyptology.
  8. Storm
    10-09-2015 09:06 PM
    Most bankruptcy lawyers require you pay in full before first for this reason.
  9. tooboku
    09-19-2015 05:17 AM
    omg. 1 br apts start at what i'm paying for now for 3 br on the subway line. cost of living is 2.5x the us average. wow wow.
  10. eagleseven
    09-17-2015 02:54 PM
    Yup! My college friend, now a student at UM, was a blonde blue eyed Swede from Minnesota, complete with funny accent. Course, he thought he was pure American and we all had the funny accents, lol.
  11. AesSedai
    09-06-2015 08:54 AM
    Good luck!
  12. AesSedai
    09-06-2015 08:37 AM
    YAY! Congrats! If you were on North Campus, you must have majored in science/engineering, yes? I hope you are doing well. There are a few alumni here on the forum. We are everywhere lol.
  13. AesSedai
    09-06-2015 07:56 AM
    It was a really small all girls dorm on South Campus. Last I checked it was still there, but a lot of people don't know about it. It's near Smith Hall. It was a very small dorm, but always had one of the cleanest dining halls. . Have you graduated yet?
  14. AesSedai
    09-05-2015 10:41 PM
    I graduated in 99. I think they kicked the people out in 98 and put them in Mack. They have a new stadium scholars program, though.

    I lived there in 95. How about you?
  15. AesSedai
    09-05-2015 05:51 PM
    AesSedai commented on 2015-16 College football season preview
    Go Buckeyes! I think I went to two, and I lived in the stadium.
  16. byhisello99
    08-20-2015 04:32 PM
    One of my core skills is translating business smoke screens. PP is a business and uses smoke screens. The three percent is a smoke screen, and a needless one.

    Three percent of services is not the percentage of women who get abortions. According to PP's own statements, that's ten percent. So, what is?

    Thee percent of services is not the percentage of offerings in their portfolio that are represented by abortion. They have far more than 33 offerings. What's left?

    It's not three percent of generated revenue, and unlikely three percent of budget.

    It can only be the number of client visits, or patient visits, or transactions - they're all the same thing - that result in an abortion. And, that figure is probably quite accurate.

    One patient visit for an ultrasound or a pap smear or to get birth control help is a "service" as is an abortion. Three percent of services as abortions is very credible.

    Fifty one percent of business revenue from three percent of transactions is unusual but well inside the Three Sigma Rule. Fifty-one percent of revenue from ten percent of clients is unremarkable in the extreme. Fifty-one percent of revenue from a single offering in the portfolio is not usually a good business model, but it doesn't have to be good as long as women keep getting pregnant and want abortions.

    PP's own numbers support that scenario with different figures: There are between 350K and 400K abortions done at PP each year, or close to 40% of the total performed in the U.S. That is legal and let's leave morals, ethics and politics out of it. There are perhaps twelve million total visits by about three and a half million uniquely identifiable women each year. Three percent of the visits involve an abortion, the others are prenatal care, pap smears, what have you. And ten percent of the women who visit PP get abortions.

    Of all the figures available, three percent is the most accurate while still being the most useless. It's a business smoke screen whose purpose is a mystery to me. I've encountered literally thousands of business smoke screens. This one serves no purpose I can discern.

    PP does slightly less than half of the abortions performed annually in the U.S. That's legal and no one with any ideology should be hiding that number behind an irrelevancy. About ten percent of the women who use PP services every year get an abortion. So what? If one has no objection to abortions, then that number is probably somewhat too low.

    And, "revenue" and "budget" or "income" are not the same thing. PP generates revenue. About half comes from abortions. The rest comes from other services. And a large part of PP's budget comes not from generated revenue but from donations such as government grants.

    More spin undoubtedly on the way. Film at eleven. Except on MSNBC, of course.
  17. byhisello99
    08-19-2015 10:12 PM
    "I think a big problem for planned parenthood is that, even though abortions make up only 3% of the services they provide annually, it's pretty much all they're known for to the lay person."

    If they have ten million clinic visits and three hundred thousand are for abortions (that's about the right annual number of abortions) then three percent of their services are abortions. Fifty-one percent is the low estimate on planned parenthood's annual revenue derived from abortions. And, PP does between 27 and 40% of the abortions done annually in the country.

    Whether one supports or opposes abortions, one should be able to deal in relevant facts (51% of revenue) versus irrelevant facts (3% of services).

    Only a troglodyte would oppose supporting women's health such as GYN checkups, prenatal care, birth control and the thousand other things that fall into that category. The absolutists on this subforum use false dichotomies daily. "If you don't want Planned Parenthood doing abortions then you oppose supporting women's health and just want to dominate women." That pure unadulterated bullshit.

    The three percent number is spin. Just like Senator Feinstein's statement that Hillary Clinton didn't write the classified emails. Of course she didn't. Only three agencies in government can (not may legally, actually have the capacity) to create Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) documents. No one who has ever dealt with SCI would claim or even believe that Mrs. Clinton wrote the emails.

    The SCI thing, by the way, is a real thread-the-needle problem for her spin doctors. She was authorized access to SCI. If she ever saw the emails and failed to recognize it for what it was, whether marked or not, she's at minimum negligent, most probably stupid, and perhaps a criminal.

    Of the three agencies that have the capacity to create SCI, two are military and simply are not subject to cover up orders. Military members are REQUIRED to refuse to obey illegal orders, something Obama learned the hard way. The CIA, however, might play ball. That's what happened with the Bengazi Talking Points. A senior political appointee accepted responsibility for changing them in order not to embarrass the state department. I actually believe him. After all, the primary function of the CIA is to protect executive departments' reputations, right?

    I'm sure a Clinton underling somewhere will take the fall for the SCI. Which raises the question that will never be posed to Mrs. Clinton: How will President Clinton's selection of underlings differ from Secretary Clinton's? That question has been hanging ever since then-Secretary Clinton blamed the cover up of murder and child prostitution in the department, and persecution of the whistleblower, on underlings. She had nothing to do with it. Except for her selection criteria for the underlings.

    This whole spin machine makes me sick. And journalists allow these folks to get away with it.
  18. Minerva
    08-08-2015 09:15 PM
  19. vedera
    06-17-2015 08:01 AM
    If you change your MBTI to xxxx, it disappears from view.
  20. Ktheprogbulldog
    05-26-2015 08:02 AM
    Ktheprogbulldog commented on Do you Like Where You Live?
    I live in Northern Illinois, and the winters here are also terrible.

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