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  1. kfarb
    definitely feeling you on these
  2. doll
    09-29-2014 12:28 AM
    doll commented on What's the weirdest thought you had this week?
    ha! you should post in this thread more often.
  3. doll
    09-25-2014 12:01 AM
    also - even if you know the story of the first bioshock, the experience is still profound.
  4. doll
    09-24-2014 11:58 PM
    i hope you will play the first bioshock as well. it can be a challenge in the beginning, but the story is brilliant. much darker than infinite, more horror than adventure, but i think you will appreciate it. probably my number one game as far as narrative goes.

    i look forward to your thoughts on infinite.
  5. Bevan
    09-24-2014 11:51 PM
    Bevan commented on On Motivation: Skip the "Do it" mentality
    You'll be alright.
  6. Pegasusette
  7. spect
    09-24-2014 07:17 PM
    spect commented on On Motivation: Skip the "Do it" mentality
  8. zakih
    You're awesome (and hear hear!)
  9. maltz
    09-17-2014 07:23 AM
    Good to hear! May I ask your input on this thread? Thanks!
  10. maltz
    09-16-2014 11:04 AM
    Hey how goes your book? Hope every thing is well.
  11. Doob
    09-11-2014 05:50 AM
    Doob commented on Pretty accurate MB test
    Me too.
  12. Doob
    09-08-2014 10:44 AM
    I'm finally feeling a lot better. Can eat completely normal now if I want to although I'm still sticking most of the time with my diet just because it's more healthy in general. Other psychosomatic problems are also mostly gone.

    Where is your avatar from?
  13. Doob
    09-06-2014 03:09 PM
    Hey, how are you?
  14. Distance
    09-05-2014 04:58 PM
    Not worried about drowning in VMs!

    Edited. Wrong song, lol.
  15. Distance
    09-04-2014 10:33 PM
    Distance commented on Knight, Mage, or Thief
    *throws pebbles over the line, then stomps across*
  16. Viviane
    09-03-2014 03:11 PM
    Interesting point on the blue bloods.
    I would say 80% environment in my case, genetic/neural pref ? will leave 20 % to the jumble.
  17. Maiohmy
    09-03-2014 03:08 PM
    I did my best, haha. One should always gather as much information as possible before forming opinions such as those.
  18. Anemoi
  19. jndiii
    09-02-2014 12:35 AM
    jndiii commented on Interest in MBTI "gone" (a good sign)
    "Keep your premise close" ... and your enemies closer! Mwahahah!
  20. Nemesis

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