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  1. Underachiever
    07-31-2015 05:25 PM
    Yeah! Will have to kick in a little cash though, and my project bike (well, one of them, lol).
    Since it's 1/4th my cousin's boat, well, he's a part of the deal too... So we'll see how it goes.
    I'd really like to have that Trans Am.
  2. eagleseven
    07-30-2015 09:55 PM

    Thanks! I wrote an angry email to the director about it, and she called me to calm me down...and to thank me for keeping them informed.
  3. Weltschmerzer
  4. deconspire
    07-12-2015 08:12 PM
    deconspire commented on The show must go on ...
    lol, ikr. that little "debate" is ironic
  5. eagleseven
    07-08-2015 09:44 PM
    eagleseven commented on Indianapolis Meetup 2015!
    You called it. Glad I assumed as much when I booked the place.
  6. Ktheprogbulldog
  7. Async
    06-30-2015 08:47 PM
    Yup. I made the exact comment to xorg upon hearing your event.
  8. dontfuckwithme
    06-30-2015 05:45 PM
    dontfuckwithme commented on The Vent Thread
    I'm very glad you're okay!
  9. ness2361
    06-30-2015 05:16 PM
    Oh, thanks, Cham; that means a lot to hear/know. I like to keep the Notebook free to mull over, repeat certain posts as motion, and to contemplate, going deeper; also, for those who are not going to go scrolling back dozens of pages for some posts that might help them with something they're struggling with, or to get to know me better...

    I mean, heck, I wrote all those posts, and I feel overwhelmed by how much is in there.

    It helps when someone intelligent and caring tells me he is reading and getting something out of it... especially because so many on this Forum have said to me, 'So what do you do?' or one person said, 'Wow, you sure write a lot!'

    When I get feedback that what I am trying to communicate is being received in a meaningful way, it helps me, especially on bad pain days, or just days where I am doubting whether all the years I've put in is really worth the effort.

    You're a sweetheart, Cham.
  10. ness2361
    06-30-2015 05:09 PM
    ness2361 commented on The Vent Thread
    I had a relative who died, and another with so much damage--hit and sent literally flying in the air... teenager in a truck doing 80 or such on a country road, 6AM, and the relatives were walking at the shoulder, car broke down... the kid never saw them until it was too late. I'm so relieved you're safe.
  11. Async
    06-30-2015 04:51 PM
    Async commented on The Vent Thread
    Glad you are ok.
  12. ppu6502
    06-30-2015 04:46 PM
    ppu6502 commented on The Vent Thread
    I'm glad you didn't die
  13. ness2361
    06-30-2015 09:32 AM
    ness2361 commented on Just One More Gadfly in a Hemlocked Land
    What a beautiful surprise to see you, and get the hug. I'm such a sensitive fuck, 'actually.'
  14. Jezebel
    06-29-2015 01:43 PM
    I'm doing something with your thread and will put it back. It wasn't deleted.
  15. Weltschmerzer
  16. Weltschmerzer
  17. ness2361
    06-27-2015 11:37 AM
    ness2361 commented on Defense Mechanisms test
    stasis took your test, admit it. Admit it! You are stasis' sock puppet... No, stasis is your sock, because your name is Chameleon. Does Jez know... *so confused, here*
  18. Desertstorm
    06-26-2015 10:47 PM
    Oh, I assumed you saw her view and not mine.

    My bad. Yah, she does that a lot..its tiresome and arrogant.
  19. Desertstorm
    06-26-2015 10:43 PM
    Been a long day, not in the mood to beat around the bush.
  20. Desertstorm
    06-24-2015 10:43 PM
    Desertstorm commented on Safe Zone?
    Sometimes I wish we didn't have to be so fucking meta.

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