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  1. storm eyes
    12-22-2013 02:30 PM
    storm eyes
    I also like yours.
  2. Fresh Face
    It really never is that simple, is it.
  3. dorkymagentle
    09-11-2013 10:09 PM
    work is all the same to me, i have found a job i do a pretty good job at, and it brings me a lot of smiles :D usually i have had jobs i really suck at! lol. like restaurant, cleaning, bridal store, etc...

    oh yeah, because you spoke cantonese at home but no reading/writing? lol how does your mom know mandarin so well, are your parents from china?
  4. dorkymagentle
    09-06-2013 01:34 PM
    i thought it was really hard to write too. just takes practice i guess, little kindergarteners in china can do it, haha. the grammar is a lot easier than spanish. even though spanish is more similar to english, i felt that with chinese was easier not to confuse cognates. french is koooool. lol mom did your homework!
  5. dorkymagentle
    haha you were studying it too? I never made it that far.
  6. fluffy pillow
    hahaha I don't know either, but this whole process took so long, I thought i'd give it a toast anyway xD. Inappropriate I know.. *shame*
  7. dorkymagentle
    08-30-2013 06:06 PM
    same with me, i think it kickstarted my interest in carl jung but it doesn't matter so much about types, it's just fun to think about sometimes. and it is what brought us here.

    work is good. i learn so much there about myself and about people. i like it a lot. but i hardly enough money to move back out from my parent's again, lol. which i guess is why i am in school any luck in your job change?
  8. Gefyon
    08-30-2013 11:19 AM
    If you have ever cracked open a computer case to swap memory, hard drives, NIC cards, video cards, etc - A+ should be easy peasy.

    Everything is going swimmingly so far. I got one cert the first semester (rest of the classes were gen ed stuff that I needed), and this semester I will have 3 more (possibly 4 if I get through the first database quickly enough). And I've talked my boss into letting me do a server upgrade/consolidation project so I am happy with that! Oh and a conference (paid for by work) sponsored by the company that does our Accounting/Project management software where I will learn SQL Server Management software so that I can get into the back end of the software and do customized reports and what not. All in all, everything is falling right into place!
  9. PurpleGiraffe
    08-28-2013 03:19 PM
    Thanks, man!

    How've you been? Sorry it took me a few days to get back. A cold has had me a little down for the count this week.

    Have you seen The Walking Dead? Your thread on being dense/oblivious made me start thinking about the character Glenn and some of his interactions and linking you two in my brain. (It probably doesn't help that I've been rewatching it recently, so there's that connection.)
  10. Gefyon
    08-27-2013 08:48 PM
    They have tightened up their enrollment requirements then. Boo.

    But if you really want to get into IT - where there is a will, there is a way. Think outside the box.

    I am piggybacking IT onto my accounting skills by working in a small company that cannot really afford full time IT staff. I got into the accounting department, but have made myself very useful in IT by helping coworkers solve problems - either hardware or software. I am slowly but surely being given more IT responsibilities. So that is one approach.

    Another option is to get some basic certs on your own - A+ or basic networking for instance. Then take that and go get a Geek Squad type job or a help desk tech with an ISP type company with it. It won't pay much, but it is a place to start. Build your skill set while you gain experience.

    Or if you have the drive - go teach yourself coding and start bidding on small coding projects. There are websites that list them, like

    You can also look into your local community college. They will likely have short IT programs that are oriented toward getting into the work force FAST. Won't cost much either. A degree (any degree) + some IT specific credentials should get your foot in the door somewhere. Just have to be realistic and target your job search.
  11. Gefyon
    08-27-2013 05:20 PM
    Well, *I* couldn't do 15 certs in 6 months. I have a full time job and a husband, lol. I am very driven - there are just so many hours in a day.

    But if you could really dedicate all of your time to study, and pick stuff up quickly, you could power through most of it. I don't know if they would grant you a degree in one semester - you would have to check and see if they require X% of credits be earned via WGU. But the certs are yours no matter what.

    I also don't know that you would need all of the certs. My degree plan has quite a bit of web development stuff that I really don't plan on using. You could certainly take a semester and focus on the certs you really want and then bang them out. See how far that gets you. You can always return for more if you need to.

    I've been taking my time with the courses, but so far, I feel like I could have gotten through the certs I've done so far in about a week of really intense work. And that seems to track with the commercial training courses that usually precede the certs. The MSCE Server "boot camp" for instance is 5 days.

    Hope that helps
  12. Gefyon
    08-27-2013 12:09 PM
    I just saw this at the end of my lunch hour. I will get back to you this evening!
  13. Jinxu
    08-26-2013 11:17 PM
    Jinxu commented on Are the rest of you as dense/oblivious as I am?
    Meh. You're not the first. Rule of Thumb: If it looks like a date, acts like a date, sound like a date. Then it is a date. 2nd Rule: Always assume it's a date until proven wrong.
  14. dorkymagentle
    08-22-2013 02:03 PM
    lol they infected me first! haha. yeah, they are in session here where i live. my school starts in 1 week.

    well i don't have much liscence to describe Te so sorry if i misunderstood it. maybe the details (Se) vs grand scheme (Ni) is a cognitive function thing?
  15. dorkymagentle
    08-15-2013 07:08 PM
    jk i feel good about it now isn't Te supposed to be bulldozer-like? and you have better access to that cognitive function than i do!

    it was a good first day, thanks. i am sick now, though :/
  16. Gefyon
    08-15-2013 11:28 AM
    Well I don't have a first degree, so my situation is a bit different. WGU is working out very well though. I am learning a ton and finding ways to apply what I learn every day. I am still working for a small civil engineering firm and doing a combination of IT, accounting and small bits of development work (primarily geared toward workflow automation). But I have asked for, and received, opportunities to do IT work in house that would have been outsourced based on what I am doing at WGU. Because of my lack of formal education, I have always sought out small companies where I could leverage skill instead of education.

    I honestly don't know if a degree is required. But in the case of WGU, I am getting both the degree and 18 certifications for the same price (3k/6 month semester/as many credits as I can cram into a semester). They also have a pretty generous credit carry over policy so you really wouldn't have to repeat the general education stuff.

    And I am sure a lot depends on what you want to do and what environment you want to do it in. Most of the ads I've seen in Denver (closest big city) have all required degrees in IT "or related" fields. Or some combination of education and experience, depending on what level the job is.

    My husband is also a WGU student, btw. He is going for Networking and Security. He is finding it VERY helpful in his job as a network engineer. As he progresses, he is started get recruitment offers. Those seem to be mostly based on certifications though, although I am sure these offers are based on him finishing that degree at some point. Of course, he doesn't have a first degree either. So it is hard to know how important "a" degree is vs. "an IT" degree.
  17. ischulte
    08-14-2013 02:05 PM
    ischulte commented on The friend zone does not exist.
    Just curious.
  18. dorkymagentle
    08-11-2013 12:30 PM
    yeah i get badhighs

    cool, i've heard a quote "if you can see the road paved out in front of you, it is not your own" so hope you can carve it well

    you may not have to go thru school again, look into what teacher certificate programs there are. as for my job the school year starts tomorrow. and my classes start later this month. otherwise, i just bum around my city and think about infp stuff like dreaming about better futures for myself and others. :D trying to get back into reading more and more. educating myself.
  19. dorkymagentle
    08-08-2013 11:53 PM
    like are you trying to get a new job? or going back to school?

    toking gives me 'noid rage. i do like it but i sometimes had better not

    my job is working with kids under the age of 3. just preschool
    lol why did you let yourself get kicked out of class, was the prof really that silly you had to challenge him? i bought my books today. logic and economics, let's see how i do! i thought i might post threads on here to help with understanding concepts better, hehe.
  20. Snowy
    08-08-2013 12:55 PM
    A robot I guess. :[]

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