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  1. Monte314
    This is very cool. Thanks!
  2. Dung
    05-12-2016 10:19 AM
    You see, it's too simple to hold much ground.
    If anything it doesn't fix the problem. I'd contend that it actually exacerbates racism and communitarianism whereas there would be less if people could compete on an equal basis.

    The counter measure to me would be acknowledging that better education, not race or culture entitlement, is the core issue. Affirmative action creates more artificial divide than it solves a problem. It enables people to believe they are entitled to something not on merit, but because they belong to a community that suffered from unfair treatment (even for individuals from that particular community who didn't).

    But in time every community suffers from unfair treatment, so that argument is moot. Today's majority is tomorrow's minority. That's why investing in education is a better stance against discrimination. The less ignorant people you have, the less will relate to populism and racist warmongers. When the concept of race is dealt with by informed people, it tends to fall apart.

    Affirmative action, on the other hand, fuels frustration and imaginary grief for many. Calling it positive discrimination only adds linguistic insult to cultural injury.
  3. Dung
    You can get all emotional about it, but the fact that positive discrimination is hypocritical bullshit stands.
  4. Zsych
    05-07-2016 06:40 PM
    Zsych commented on Elon Musk
  5. wolkenkraetzer
    04-27-2016 07:52 AM
    You might like this story and links:

    Interesting stuff...
  6. Underachiever
    You couldn't tell that I was joking? It was a parody of what's surely to come in the morning, once the Republicans wake up, lol.
  7. wolkenkraetzer
    04-24-2016 07:07 PM
    just an FYI:

    That'll probably throw your equilibrium out for a bit--or is a fantastic smoke-and-mirrors gambit.
  8. Distance
    Would you mind fixing the title typo from money to monkey?
  9. Mattandsuch
    04-22-2016 03:39 PM
    Mattandsuch commented on Sea of Green
    Lol was only kidding dogg
  10. Underachiever
  11. Underachiever
  12. SkyBright
    04-07-2016 01:54 PM
    SkyBright commented on
  13. Monte314
    Could this be used to find Vincent Van Gogh's missing ear?
  14. Berserker
    04-01-2016 01:08 PM
    miow miow mioew miow mew
  15. Silverity
    03-27-2016 12:24 PM
    Silverity commented on A Wistful Sort of Smile
    Ooh, I love it!
  16. Vis Inertiae
    03-25-2016 11:12 AM
    Vis Inertiae commented on Mass Hysteria
    I know you are the forum's arch anti-Trump poster, but I think the videos I posted will give you a better idea of why Trump is so hard to effectively oppose. The uber gay reporter makes the point that Trump is not a political candidate, but a cultural one.
  17. Monte314
    03-24-2016 08:26 AM
    I'm all over it, boss! *runs off to practice*
  18. Monte314
    03-23-2016 05:43 PM
  19. Monte314
    03-23-2016 04:45 PM
    Monte314 commented on Dear INTJforum
    Can I be your unreliable henchman?
  20. SelfMadeBum
    03-23-2016 03:09 PM
    SelfMadeBum commented on Rob Ford dead at 46
    Even that made me go, "Aww"

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