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  1. Sarea
    Today 09:17 AM
    I bought those gorgeous tiny high heels sold in the antique shops in san marco, collect 4 of them. Next time will add to that collection
  2. Sarea
    Today 09:14 AM
    I wish I could go to venice during the carnivale. That's in february, I think. So that goes to my bucket list

    I vomited badly in the ferry during touring of the greek islands. Fortunately the islands cured my nausea away. I miss the octopus dish
  3. Sarea
    Today 08:50 AM
    Saw your avatar album. Gary Cooper's so

    I used to have a deep crush on Gregory Peck, that stopped when I fell in love with Ralph Fiennes
  4. Sarea
    Today 08:39 AM
    Yes I have been there, I am in love with Venice. Second love is Athens, god I can stay on top of the acropolis forever
  5. deconspire
    Today 01:22 AM
    you're never getting a better date than that.

    i know.
  6. deconspire
    Today 01:15 AM

    ^new spoon

    fuck, why don't you live in the atl so we can get drunk at sin city 2 tomorrow and then go eat brkfst food at a great greasy 24 after? gaaaah sometimes life just sucks.
  7. Sarea
    Yesterday 12:41 PM
    Sarea commented on Photography
    gorgeous pics of Florence and Venice. I have missed them. any pic of Athens or Barcelona taken by you in this thread?
  8. SkyBright
    Yesterday 10:33 AM
    It's hard to be humble, when you're from Alabama.

    LOL. Love it.
  9. SkyBright
    Yesterday 10:30 AM
    You are right, he's very good. I like the sound and the lyrics --- anyone else ever used "quotidian" in a song??

    Listening now to Song for Zula among others. Excellent.
  10. deconspire
  11. SkyBright
    08-18-2014 07:14 PM
    Enjoying Fleet Foxes very much! Thanks again for the tip.
  12. deconspire
  13. storm eyes
    08-17-2014 12:14 AM
    storm eyes
    All good. Cali life is a busy life. Not listened to anything particularly that holds me for awhile. Need to go stalk the music thread

    * warm hug*
  14. deconspire
    08-15-2014 09:22 PM
    oh fuck me this is good. ty!
  15. INTJRyan
    08-14-2014 05:27 PM
    I know that feel.
  16. gracious
    08-14-2014 05:20 PM
    gracious commented on Robin Williams Dead - apparent suicide
  17. INTJRyan
    08-14-2014 05:05 PM
    Probably says something about me that it hit me harder than the death itself. Ugh. Fucking animals y u toy w muh feels.
  18. INTJRyan
    08-14-2014 04:57 PM
    INTJRyan commented on Robin Williams Dead - apparent suicide
    God damnit RO.
  19. bobabrowncoat
    08-13-2014 10:28 PM
    Each has their strong suit. I have to restart Windows 7 often, though. :P
  20. bobabrowncoat
    08-13-2014 10:11 PM
    Here's the thing. The browser window is SUSE Linux in a VMware window. So, is Windows 7. I literally use all three OSes every day.


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