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  1. ManWithNoName
    Today 09:15 AM
    it made my ALL CAPS small.
  2. ManWithNoName
    Today 09:14 AM
    That is only the beginning!
  3. ManWithNoName
    Yesterday 03:58 PM

    I kind of want to make a parody of this where it starts off something like that but is really a journey down a rabbit hole into existential horror and then madness as you contemplate more and more the meaninglessness of existence.
  4. Calica
    05-19-2015 09:12 AM
    For some reason Samurai Jack makes me think of Tarantino. Maybe it's the Kill Bill association, I don't know. I wasn't a loyal follower, though I do remember liking the style it was drawn in. Had a knack for making the scenery fit the darker/dramatic fighting sequences. Had no idea it was the same animator, but watched Hotel Transylvania not long ago and was pleasantly surprised.

    As for Dexter..yeah, always assumed it was each episode for itself, since the lab got blown up so many times or the episodes ended on another oh-oh note, it'd be a wonder for no one to notice he had a lab under the house. Would be cool if there was an episode where Dexter invented a device for tempering with memories (ala Men in black), would turn the whole series into a mind spiral.
  5. Calica
    05-17-2015 03:16 PM
    Well here's to hoping we both feel like it more often than not.
    Or someone invents the omelette-du-fromage brain machine from Dexter's laboratory in time.

    Okay okay, will try not to associate you with it. Now that it's been brought to your attention I'm guessing you won't be able to stop noticing it yourself, so no need for more grief.
  6. Calica
    05-17-2015 02:34 PM
    Indeed, same here. I tried to go all "this time I'm organizing way ahead!", and while it did partially work (couldn't have survived last week without it), still running out of time for studying. Would be nice to feel fully prepared for once.

    Haha, just poking fun. Couldn't resist, what with the mention of decorations. You do realize you didn't need to actually explain it, right? I figured you live with your parents or in an older apartment or just plain don't care for making it all feng shui.
  7. Calica
    05-17-2015 02:08 PM
    Pre-exam period period, huh? No need for a head garment when you have the frilly bathroom.
  8. ManWithNoName
    05-14-2015 03:02 PM
    Come with me to space Freaky.
  9. ManWithNoName
    05-11-2015 02:55 PM
  10. ManWithNoName
  11. ManWithNoName
  12. ManWithNoName
    04-30-2015 01:50 PM
    Yeah, been a bit busy the past couple days so I haven't gotten all that farther in it.
  13. Calica
    04-30-2015 01:36 PM
    Much better already, thank you.
  14. Calica
    04-30-2015 12:24 PM
    I remember we have Hammock in common. Gave a listen to all three of them and I do like the styles. Morcheeba the most so far. Will give them another go tomorrow for a better feel. The migraine pills kinda dull everything. Since we're talking chill; Yes?
  15. spect
    04-29-2015 03:34 PM
    spect commented on Let's see your selfie! Volume 2
    you da man
  16. Polymath20
    04-28-2015 08:42 PM
    Polymath20 commented on Let's see your selfie! Volume 2
    Jesus H Christ freaky
  17. YellowSubmarine
    04-28-2015 02:32 PM
    Lol...yes, unfortunately I find your bathroom unattractive.
  18. gracious
    04-28-2015 01:27 PM
    Two part answer:

    1) I google image searched "shirtless knights" and there was no shortage of images so I guess this is a thing!
    Also: Click the image to open in full size.

    2) I asked the morse code and it told me to tell you ...---...
  19. gracious
    04-28-2015 01:10 PM
    gracious commented on Let's see your selfie! Volume 2
    Impressive! Wanna come over and move some furniture for me?
  20. Litchee
    04-28-2015 01:03 PM
    Litchee commented on Let's see your selfie! Volume 2
    Damn dude

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