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  1. ness2361
    That's me: Sz 8.5 double-wide men's, so if I could find the right women's fit, that would be more like 9 or 9.5 and double wide.
  2. Nemesis
    I've always been partial to the term "tapioca tube".
  3. Anemoi
    06-27-2016 09:37 AM
    Yeah, that is what I meant.
  4. Anemoi
    06-27-2016 09:28 AM
    Anemoi commented on Cancer and Other Interesting Things
    I read this blog sometimes and it amazes me how supportive you are to people you care about. Very nice.
  5. gypsy stardust
    06-26-2016 07:06 AM
    gypsy stardust
    Thanks! Fixed it!
  6. sixpoint8
    06-26-2016 02:27 AM
    Oh Joy Sex Toy is a favorite webcomic of mine. It reminds me of times when you drop valuable sex and sex toy knowledge in various threads.

    Whenever someone seems ignorant about sex knowledge and seems like they'd be open to learning, I send them a relevant OJST page.

    Couple of my friends and I have been half-joking about opening up a sex toy store together. If that ever happened, I'd totally stock print editions of OJST on the front shelves. :3
  7. lor6
    06-25-2016 09:18 AM
    oh haha that's okay
  8. lor6
    06-25-2016 08:34 AM
    I meant that it is more important to eliminate/reduce the actual negative things that happen to women that it is to make them understand that the men who do them are a minority. OP's 'deal' seems to be that if women don't focus on the 'bad' minority of men, he will think nicely of them. My point is basically that I care about actual policies/laws/discriminatory actions that can affect someone, but don't care to thought police anyone. To give an example, say that an employer thinks women are less capable. As long as he is not allowed to hire preferentially based on gender, he can think whatever stupid thoughts he wants.
  9. eagleseven
    06-21-2016 12:39 PM
    eagleseven commented on Cancer and Other Interesting Things
  10. oberonblue
    06-19-2016 05:29 AM
    We all do.

    But it particularly disgusted me to read the victim-blaming posts you shared.
  11. RachelSomething
    I'm disgusted by those responses you got. I'm disgusted by this thread. And I'm disgusted by some of the posters on this forum, and happy to be living far away from them.
  12. vampyroteuthis
    Good God. Disgusted by those responses you got. I'm sorry all that dreck came the way of your eyeballs.
  13. oberonblue
    06-18-2016 10:57 PM
    oberonblue commented on Dear LBGT in the west: You are not oppressed
    Gawd. I'm sorry you went through this.
  14. Velocitii
    06-17-2016 09:04 PM
    Not much, just wanted to see which of the members from way back were still here, I kind of went away for a bit too haha

    Glad to see you're still around, looking forward to seeing your posts.
  15. Velocitii
    06-17-2016 12:33 PM
    I remember you from wayyy long ago, whatever happened to Purple Giraffe?
  16. Zsych
  17. Artio
    06-14-2016 09:05 PM
    Artio commented on Hide my p-ness within thy mittens
    You always have nice words for me. Thank you.
  18. Smylex
    06-13-2016 03:31 PM
    You're preaching to the choir.
  19. Smylex
    06-13-2016 03:26 PM
    Smylex commented on PUA Equivalency For Women?
  20. Underachiever
    It's very rare I find myself agreeing with you on things like this, but this is one of those times... I made pretty much the same argument (minus the thread critiquing her appearance, which I think hadn't happened yet when I made my post), but it was skimmed over. Glad to see someone else thinking/researching.

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