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  1. MissKat
  2. gypsy stardust
    This made me laugh until I cried.
    08-17-2016 10:41 AM
    paraphrasing you: "there's only about 200 women who have played beach volleyball sober"....I'm rolling over that premise. {{LMAO}}
  4. AesSedai
    08-15-2016 01:15 PM
    AesSedai commented on Reasonable responses
  5. Junk
    08-14-2016 12:19 PM
    lmao. The adding 5 years thing really polishes it off.
  6. Chaotic Enigma
    08-14-2016 10:58 AM
    Chaotic Enigma commented on The intj man and the bedroom
    This made me laugh. Plus, gives the idea
  7. Madden
    08-10-2016 01:58 PM
    Madden commented on Iron Chef INTJf: Battle BOOZE! (2016 August)
    I posted an update on the carrot/Apple mum made it (with some adjustments), and it turned out great!!
  8. Sarea
    08-10-2016 06:20 AM
    Sarea commented on Your husband/wife cheated, what do you do?
    most people rather grasp onto that ideal partner version who neither cheats nor even capable of entertaining thoughts of finding other people as more attractive/desirable than them. i'd say let them be that way, ie whichever hurts them less.
  9. waterlibra
    08-10-2016 06:18 AM
    waterlibra commented on Your husband/wife cheated, what do you do?
    I definitely agree with a lot of your post. I can't say that I was surprised by the one-sidedness of the responses. Though, it did surprise me given that this is an INTJ forum. I expected more openness. It's seems that a lot of users aren't really as open or honest. Lots of people skate around things perhaps out of fear of exposing themselves, I don't really know. Relationships seems to be an area full of grey with a lot of people here. Being as people-oriented as I am, it's a difficult concept to grasp.
  10. YellowSubmarine
    08-07-2016 05:49 PM
  11. gracious
    08-07-2016 06:14 AM
    gracious commented on Let's see your selfie! Volume 7
  12. Bisclavret
    Oh, I've seen her before! Yes, she's pretty.
  13. K27
    08-06-2016 08:20 AM
    K27 commented on Playfully Teasing Your SO
    LOL good ones.
  14. rickster
    08-05-2016 11:49 PM
    rickster commented on Let's see your selfie! Volume 7
    PMSL - Post Of The Hour!
  15. The Maelstrom
  16. Hurricane
    08-05-2016 05:40 PM
    Hurricane commented on Let's see your selfie! Volume 7
  17. Goddess Inanna
    08-05-2016 03:32 PM
    Goddess Inanna
    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement!
  18. Amore
    08-04-2016 02:29 PM
    Amore commented on How do boring people have so many friends?
    Several good points.
  19. eagleseven
    08-03-2016 02:50 PM
    I can imagine!
  20. eagleseven
    08-03-2016 02:26 PM
    eagleseven commented on Golf

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