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  1. Zsych
    Today 10:03 PM
    I'm of the opinion that part of what makes the series good is just the general frustration at the decisions the characters make and how they almost never talk or trust each other - leaving misunderstandings to come bite them in the ass later

    I liked Galad (heh), Berelain (got the couple just there). Perrin. Lews Therin (sorta). Kinda liked Lanfear in the earlier books.

    The Mat leading armies parts were fun.

    ... The last books still feel like they were kinda rushed. Like Moiraine's return and sudden romance.

    Not killing the Dark One... just the most horrible story decision ever. I'm going to go with Ishamael on that one. As long as the cycles continue, the Dark One wins eventually (the idea of taking away the choice to do evil... The lack of science is painful... )
  2. Zsych
    Today 09:45 PM
    Jordan's style was to write characters by imagining being them, experiencing those events from their perspectives - so he had lots of history defined that shaped the personality development of the characters and who they were at various points... Sanderson doesn't do it that way.

    There was also fanservice going on in his books - like how Rand talks to Cadsuane when he goes dark side, and her reaction. Or answering questions like whether Mat is one of those called by the Horn... Stuff that Jordan would likely have done differently... or rather, he'd have let the characters just act things out according to their personalities (The pattern only manages to pull people with free will into its web, so much... )
  3. Zsych
    Today 09:23 PM
    Yes, read the books. Fun times. Did not really like the last that much, although it was really intriguing in that that was the ending Jordan had wanted to write for so many years... Having everything important done and being able to be free from your responsibilities and just walk away at peace...
  4. Monte314
    Today 09:21 PM
    This must make things doubly difficult for you.
  5. Zsych
    Today 09:10 PM
  6. Monte314
    You are so right! It is amazing to me that we think of ourselves as incredibly complex creatures surrounded by a sea of one-dimensional peons...
  7. Zsych
    Today 08:04 PM
    Why a generic Aes Sedai and not Moiraine or Leane or Cadsuane?

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