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  1. SeverusSin
  2. Muse
    07-15-2014 09:28 PM
    Muse commented on Women more unhappy with marriage
    Good posts
  3. RBM
    07-14-2014 05:17 PM
    Ok, I found it.

    There is a great advantage in knowing your vehicle well,
    especially if you plan to travel where there may be few service
    areas. My newfound knowledge of my I-There vehicle raised
    my confidence factor several levels. The extraordinary thing
    was that I had traveled so far without taking the trouble to
    find out what made it run.
    For some undiscoverable reason,
    my left brain curiosity had for once let me down


  4. RBM
    07-14-2014 04:30 PM
    Shucks, they are all a blurr now.

    I've got the collection digitized - which one was the 'M-band' in ?
  5. RBM
    07-14-2014 04:04 PM
    RBM commented on Gandhi is the new Buddha
    LOL !
  6. Palladium
    07-14-2014 12:21 PM
    Palladium commented on MBTI Legitimate?
    Good point.
  7. Weltschmerzer
    07-03-2014 07:53 AM
    Nice to see you back around, by the way!
  8. LethalOwl
    07-01-2014 11:38 PM
    Thanks a grand for the conversation. It helped a lot!
  9. Cocolata
    03-10-2014 11:18 PM
    Thanks a lot! There is so much to discover. The universe is indeed a strange place. I'm enjoying this ride.
  10. Cocolata
    03-08-2014 01:13 AM
    Hello! Me again. Reading about your area of expertise, but just a few sentences about things I never thought possible: the Mars effect, brown dwarf and Zodiac. You get the idea. I got curious and decided to ask you: if I wanted to figure out my chart and understand it, what would be a good stop?

    I thank you, as usual. I am understanding more what you had said about the ego. Surprisingly, as time passes by, I seem more at peace and the moments of silent mind seem to last longer. I don't even know if that of mine interests you. It seems polite to share some since I have taken so many times the liberty of reaching out to you for information. Guilt or need to thank you somehow for your help.
  11. Akherousia
    02-04-2014 11:29 PM
    Akherousia commented on What Type is President Obama?
    Wasn't denying, by the way. Just curious, and it seems there's a lot of 'XXXX because I said so' responses in those kinds of threads. Takes the fun out of things when no one explains unless/until challenged, but thanks for rising to it. Perhaps not the angle I'd had hoped for, but it's better than nothing.
  12. Straynger
    01-27-2014 08:09 PM
    It's no more faith than your belief that it's not, correct? Or do you think there's more reason to believe meaning has an independent existence of chemicals (or particles at the most elementary level) than there is to believe there isn't? Would that not require some sort of Cartesian-like dualism which you would find absurd?
  13. Straynger
    01-27-2014 06:35 PM
    I'm not sure that can be inferred directly from any of my posts there. I don't think we don't need meaning, I think we do. But the problem I have is that meaning is reducible only to Nchemicals, and knowing that, how could I ever actually see something as meaningful? That may not be a problem at a low level, like how I see people as people and not just as atoms and sensations, but at a higher level (the highest I think), that sort of brain/habit/useful/mistake just won't cut it. There's too much awareness and inevitable scrutiny to believe the lie. Same reason I'm not religious and why I can't make Buddhism stick to me...I can't not see it's holographic nature.
  14. Straynger
    01-27-2014 12:21 PM
    Okey I see. I would just say..."because it implies precisely the "passive recipient" scenario I'm addressing. The word "just" makes it false"... Does it? What exactly is the scope of "just" here? (I haven't given it too much though, but I think the only necessary implication of "just" is that happiness is not anything incorporeal. The statement is addressing equivalency, not causes (thought fitting in the cause category)).
  15. Straynger
    01-27-2014 02:18 AM
    Hold on, maybe I'm not clear on your position. I read the posts again, and it looks like you're making a reductio:
    (a) the inane meme claim: happiness = neurochemical ratio X (certain levels of serotonin dopamine epinephrine oxytocin etc)
    (b) but, thoughts can alter said ratio to -X <less than X>, disrupting happiness
    (c) therefore, (a) is false

    But obviously (b) already assumes (a) is true. So if (a) is false then (b) must be false, which means (c) can't be true. So the point is that (b) does not contradict (a). Or have I misconstrued your point (b)?

    Edit: but yes I do agree that pills are not a reset button (my Zoloft is just potent Tylenol & the higher ups are just tranqs it seems). The mechanism by which pills influence chemicals which influence thoughts which influence chemicals which influence happiness is rather involved & has no necessity right now, or maybe ever...
  16. newtome
    01-26-2014 11:26 PM
    Correct me if I am wrong, That is talking about rooftop PV and dealing with the economics of substitution against buying electricity at retail from the grid? Correct?

    It is also looking at the current cost of PV cells and assuming a real and ongoing decline in costs?

    The problem is that almost all PV manufacturers outside of China have gone broke and the economics from inside China is unknown. What is known are 2 things, the first is that the best PV technology requires rare earths which are presently concentrated in China and that no matter how much the economics stack up there aren't enough domestic rooftops or enough citizens who want to spend the money to make a significant difference to the overall energy supply in any given country.

    I could go on about stability issues, storing power, the need for back up energy sources etc but rooftop cells are not am answer to a countries energy issues. Solar is a long way from being cost competitive at a large scale production level to rival gas or nuclear anytime soon.

    I am happy to be proven wrong but nothing I have read says otherwise.
  17. newtome
    I would be interested to see what type of solar would be at subsidy free parity by 2020. Anything I can see to support that?
  18. Straynger
    01-26-2014 12:27 PM
    Agreed, hard reductionists are premature. But "remove all possibility of free will" seems to overstate the case...counter-example: people born with the inability to feel pain who can still consciously choose A over ~A.
  19. RBM
    01-22-2014 06:48 PM
    RBM commented on The only movie you need...
    Hehe, you might be showing your age, a bit, with that choice;-)
  20. Zsych
    01-22-2014 04:40 PM
    It is interesting.

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