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  1. True Rune
    09-25-2016 06:49 PM
    True Rune commented on Is speed reading a myth?
    Bad for study, good for studies?
  2. Trystero
    09-24-2016 09:22 PM
    Trystero commented on The Art Thread
    Lol foot
  3. Straylight
    09-22-2016 08:51 AM
    Straylight commented on Parents dressing their kids as princesses
    I taught in secondary school for a while, kids can certainly be little shits at times, intentionally and quite skilfully winding you up. But this woman had clearly lost it. I think the worst parents just forget THEY are the adults.
  4. The Maelstrom
    09-21-2016 07:52 PM
    The Maelstrom commented on Member Pictures: Volume 26
    lol! Right?
  5. pavulon
  6. pavulon
    09-20-2016 04:36 PM
    Wow!! Perceptions skills: Expert!!
  7. PTD
    09-20-2016 03:16 PM
    PTD commented on Poll: Best Gaming platform
    Apply compressed air on the vents often.
  8. jonnyb
    09-20-2016 01:50 PM
    jonnyb commented on Member Pictures: Volume 26
    Funny. Thanks for making me laugh.
  9. Brandugh
    09-20-2016 12:23 PM
    Brandugh commented on Post whatever amused you on the net today
    I enjoyed this.
  10. Drawkcab
    09-20-2016 11:19 AM
    hahaha. what is it about her im so drawn to?
  11. Berserker
    09-20-2016 10:37 AM
    My evil plan has worked Mwa hahahahaha
  12. Berserker
    09-20-2016 10:11 AM
  13. waterlibra
    09-20-2016 07:59 AM
    Poe's the man! It's one of my favorites.
  14. Dung
    09-17-2016 02:04 PM
    Dung commented on First World Problems thread
  15. Amore
    They say life feels worthwhile when you have something to do (passion!), someone to love and something to hope for.
  16. zeroemission
  17. zeroemission
    09-14-2016 01:34 AM
    zeroemission commented on Picture association game
    like i said... sophisticated humor
  18. zeroemission
    09-14-2016 01:22 AM
    well i'm glad at least ONE of those amused you. i laughed my butt off at "can't love every cat" after seeing the original un-edited e-harmony video and thought they did an amazing job of synching the uptown funk cat's movements to the beat including the cat reaching out during the "gonna give it to ya" line. as to the 7 tone fart symphony? yeah... i have a REALLY refined sense of humor.

    i didn't get it on video, but a cat i used to own totally freaked out over the THX surround sound bit where a maintenance guy pugs a wire into a "moo can" and moos start coming out of all 5 channels. she hunkered down looking all around to see where these strange monsters were coming from. on the other hand, whenever i put badi assad's rhythms CD on, she would yawn & stretch.
  19. zeroemission
  20. Brandugh

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