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  1. Carnal
    Yesterday 10:01 PM
    Haha ENTJ gave it away? I thought the name would be the first sign haha. ENTJs operate with Se during down time, so we are pretty impulsive people. I am the least prude person I know, I am an open book sexually (bet you want to turn my pages rawr). Yeah I just think people think its cool to hate on the show. I saw the movie once just because I was bored one day and it came on, I didn't think it was that bad. If anything it taught me when I was younger than women are indeed sexual beings despite what society displays.
  2. Carnal
    Yesterday 09:02 PM
    When you say it that way you make me think naughty thoughts...stop that modusvivendi, I am a prude!
  3. Carnal
    Yesterday 08:42 PM
    Carnal commented on different perspective
    INTJ who watches Sex And the City? HOW YOU DOIN
  4. Thinker
    Yesterday 07:59 PM
    I was very fortunate in having an early role in my career looking after clients.
    It accelerated my social skills.
  5. Thinker
    Yesterday 07:53 PM
    I currently commute between Sydney and Canberra.
  6. Thinker
    Yesterday 07:36 PM
    Being US centric the forum has quite a few members who hail back to puritan times.
    Young male intj's have a hard time in the dating game because they just don't spend enough time socialising. I was guilty of this when I was younger as well so I do understand where they are coming from.
  7. Thinker
    I'm going to guess you get a lot of PM's from this response
  8. Crossover
    Yesterday 06:42 AM
    you're welcome !
  9. Crossover
    04-15-2014 08:20 PM
    it's like a well said* ^^
  10. Crossover
  11. johnnyyukon
    04-11-2014 12:40 AM
    that's cool. yeah I met a lot of people that had plans of moving/studying in Australia. Even a few private students (english). We'll have to talk more when I get my "privileges."
    Bit sweepy wight now.
  12. johnnyyukon
    04-10-2014 09:55 PM
    That's insane. That's where I was, Kaoshiung. Zuoying district.

    I have to wait 2 more days before I can pm.

    So you are Taiwanese?
  13. johnnyyukon
    04-10-2014 10:50 AM
    I still can't find how to pm you, ha, oh well.

    Yeah, I love the new movies.

    Don't date ENTPs. I wouldn't date me, unless I needed something temporary and potent.

    Oh yeah? Are you Taiwanese? The East coast of Taiwan was the best. So beautiful.
  14. johnnyyukon
    04-10-2014 01:44 AM
    Oh, are you saying he's loyal to whoever he's with, or is that you?

    Yeah, don't get me wrong, I was single in Asia, and can be a manwhore, But when I have a girlfriend, I am loyal. BUT I will automatically flirt with every girl in sight, and I can't even help it.

    Most of my girlfriends have understood this and know I'm always coming home with them.

    I was in Taiwan.

    Ha, the Nexus was in Star Trek: Generations, the movie. I'm not even really a star trek fan. Some of the movies are good.

    Anyway, it's this like energy ribbon in the galaxy that when you go in it, it's utter bliss and happiness. So the main villain goes in, is in ecstasy, then the Enterprise beams him out, not knowing what the Nexus is. He spends like 60 years (I think he may be semi-immortal) trying to get back to the Nexus, and even plans to destroy an inhabited planet to alter the gravitational field of the energy ribbon so it goes right over him.

    Haha, god I just had a geek attack.

    So the Nexus is basically a metaphor for happier times, I think, or at least for me.

    "I am the Nexus one, I want more life, fucker I ain't done!" -Rob Zombie
  15. johnnyyukon
    04-10-2014 01:06 AM
    Travelling and scuba diving in exotic locations and hitting on many exotic women in the south pacific, haha.

    But I came back to the bible belt like a fucking moron, and everything is so traditional, to say the least, and it's got me all confused. I need to get back to the Nexus.
  16. johnnyyukon
    04-10-2014 12:53 AM
    Ha, will do.

    God, I really, really hope I'm not that guy. late 30s and still a manchild. i dunno, maybe he's having a ball. my guess is he's up and down.
  17. johnnyyukon
    04-09-2014 11:35 PM
    They don't got private messages on this thing?

    Dating an ENTP is a wild ride. You will experience a roller coaster of crazy fun, great sex, a little danger and even scary at times, but also feelings of total safety most of the time, full emotional spectrum, while possibly experiencing new ones, or pushing the boundaries of old ones, both high and low (though the ENTP will generally keep them in the positive). If you want commitment, sorry (though I'm sure there's ENTPs out there that are more settled in and stable). But a great time, non-stop fun, for sure. But once you start asking "so where's this going?" you'll probably get the cold shoulder. And ENTPs can also be loyal and monogamous during the ride. I think we're just terrified of commitment as it goes against all of our "keep all options open." Though if a more mature ENTP finds someone that's close to "perfect" he may go all in.
  18. codylf95
    04-09-2014 07:28 PM
    Or, do you want to get to know me first?
  19. codylf95
    04-09-2014 07:23 PM
    So then... you should probabily stop talking to me then right?
  20. codylf95
    04-09-2014 07:18 PM
    nothing too serious. Flirting, dirty talk, no actual relationship

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