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Quoting Posts

Editing and Deleting Posts
You can edit or delete your own posts through the edit button, located to the left of the quote button.

You are enabled to edit or delete your own posts up to 24 hours after making them, at which time the posts are locked to further modification. This is to ensure that replies to those posts will remain in context over the course of each thread. We do however encourage users to try the 'preview' button located next to the 'post' button in the reply window before submitting each post, in order to minimize the need for later editing or (especially) deletions. We do not generally edit or delete timelocked posts on request due to the volume of clerical work and the disruption of the continuity of discussion in threads that this can entail.

Reporting Posts
You can report posts by clicking the report post button, located to the left of the quote button.

Please use this feature to report any post that you think might violate the forum rules, such as posts containing personal attacks, racist diatribes, spamming, trolling or advertisements. Please be descriptive of the problem when you report. Reporting posts with the report button is usually more effective than reporting them by private-messaging an individual moderator because a group of mods and admin are able to review reported posts, enabling issues to be resolved in a more timely manner.

User Titles
New Member
Displayed from 0 through 79 posts.

Displayed from 80 through 1999 posts.

Veteran Member
Displayed from 2000 through 3999 posts.

Core Member
Displayed from 4000 posts onward.

It has been our experience that features such as post count and sequence-oriented usertitle function as convenient cultural milestones within an internet community. Users find them a ready means of quantifying the time they've invested at a forum, of universally distinguishing older personas from the new, and oftentimes regard them as minor social goals. Aside from these applications, the usertitles at INTJ Forum are largely unimportant. Attaining the Veteran and Core Member titles increases PM box space.

While moderators have the same sequence-oriented usertitles as regular users, their usernames are listed in blue text instead of black so that they can be easily identified. Administrators have usernames listed in red.

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