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  1. TheStranger
    02-23-2012 05:26 PM
    If Malkavian, I always put some points into obfuscate, the third or fourth level lets you move freely. I also put some points into firearms, and purchase the colt anaconda and I'm usually ready by that time to descend into the sewers.

    As for difficulty...well, Ventrue was the most inconvenient, at least (blood restrictions).
  2. MichaelEmouse
    02-22-2012 05:15 PM
    Concentrating on melee is pretty much de rigueur in that game. Ranged isn't anywhere near as useful as melee. Plus melee allows you to heal and replenish your blood points easily.

    I am talking about the combat difficulty. My first playthrough was with a Malkavian because I just went along with the suggestion of the personality test. I thought "Hey, this is one of those games where you can use different skills to get past problems". Then I got to the boss in the intricate sewer in the second world and had to start over because I just couldn't get past him.
  3. TheStranger
    02-22-2012 05:02 PM
    Oh, I keep forgetting this avatar gives off a distinct impression. As for playing Malkavian, I simply built a melee character and works just fine. Are you talking about combat difficulty, or something else?

    Almost forgot, I put a ton of points in obfuscate; but that's not really required for a successful playthrough.
  4. MichaelEmouse
    02-22-2012 03:05 PM
    In the Masquerade, each weapon has a description. The description of the fire axe is: Truly a weapon for a mad man. For who else would attack fire with an axe?

    That's what I would expect of Malkavians. I like them as characters story-wise but as playable characters, I had a fair amount of difficulty with them.
  5. TheStranger
    02-22-2012 02:55 PM
    Negative implication?
  6. TheStranger
    02-20-2012 01:21 PM
    Alpha Protocol is similar in that it's an RPG set in modern times, with an emphasis on story. Also, the lead writer on Bloodlines is working on an indie RPG called Dead State, but who knows when that'll be out. Depressing, in that Bloodlines is a rare game indeed.
  7. MichaelEmouse
    02-20-2012 01:00 PM
    Bloodlines was one of the best games ever created, if somewhat unpolished.

    Do you know games along the same lines?
  8. TheStranger
    02-20-2012 05:00 AM
    Bloodlines fan?

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