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05-26-2008, 03:53 AM
Hi everyone,

I stumbled over this forum, started reading a bunch of posts and had one of those WOW! moments. I've been feeling more alienated from the world than usual over the last few days, thinking I'm too 'odd' or 'unusual' to ever fit in. Then I find this place and see that there are lots of others who seem to have similar thoughts and feelings.

Let me introduce myself. I'm a 42-year-old individual of the male persuasion, living with four cats in the sparsely populated outback of central Sweden. I currently work for a government agency, being responsible for our external website and our intranet.

I enjoy off-road driving, although I don't seem to have had time to indulge in it for some time now. The rapidly deteriorating condition of the roads here makes the daily commute to the office more and more like off-roading anyway, though.

I think I'll be able to learn a lot here, and hopefully I'll also be able to contribute something, eventually. :)

05-26-2008, 04:04 AM
yes... I know exactly how you feel, I just joined this forum about a week ago, and I too have always felt alienated to most of the world. But I guess we all have a similar train of thought here being that were all (mostly) INTJ's.

anyway welcome

05-26-2008, 05:23 AM
Hmm, we're still trying to get Venefican to come out of the shadows :thinking:

Ok AutisticCuckoo, I've taken the liberty to create a to-do list for you;

1. Head on over to the Lounge, locate the NF club and grab yourself a cup of mint tea, they're a friendly bunch there and will help you feel right at home;

2. Whilst enjoying the F's hospitality, come to grips with the fact that although there are others like you, it just means we’re all odd!

3. Get busy posting;

3a. Suggestion: Create your own thread, maybe there are other off-roaders like you, personally my 4WD is my on-road assault vehicle :smartass:

4. Rack up 15 posts so you can see the extra special members area;

5. Go to the extra special members area, find the pets thread and give us pics of your cats.

Welcome, now snap to it ;)

PHS Philip
05-26-2008, 05:45 AM
And while in the NF thread, please be kind to the poor animals. They've been rather...traumatized.

Welcome to the forum!

05-26-2008, 05:50 AM
Welcome aboard the crazy ship of quality information. 4 cats eh? You have my utmost admiration. :thumbsup:

05-26-2008, 08:08 AM

05-26-2008, 09:24 AM
Hi! I am fellow cat person. I love my two cats. Sometimes I think they understand me best of all. lol

What are your cat's names?

My cats are Mushu and Chiba.

05-26-2008, 10:04 AM
Thanks everyone, and thank you Trinity for the to-do-list.

I started with two cats (brother and sister). Then the brother disappeared. A while later my brother's cat had kittens and he told me I had to take one – another female. I meant to take her to the vet, to have her neutered like the other one, but I was too slow and all of a sudden I had six of them. I found good homes for two, but had to keep the other two (both females). Now they're all 'fixed', so there shouldn't be any more.

replicant, they're named Ida (8), Blondie (3) a.k.a. Red Monster, Sotis (2) and Maja (2). Blondie is the mother of Sotis and Maja. They're not purebreds, just ordinary farm cats. All four have their very distinct personalities, of course.

05-26-2008, 11:03 AM
What pretty names.

These are my mischief makers. Chiba is the Tortoiseshell Calico and Mushu is the grey and white one. I am not entirely sure of his breeding.

05-26-2008, 11:53 AM
They're beauties! Chiba is not dissimilar to my Maja, although she's got some white on her chest, tummy and paws.

Sotis means something like 'the sooty one', because she appeared to be all black at first. Later on she turned out to have some tortoiseshell in her, but it's only noticeable up close. (My brother claims she looks like a hyaena.)

05-26-2008, 12:37 PM

Are you actually autistic?

mental drift
05-26-2008, 08:30 PM
Ahhh yes, mudding....the good old days. It is quite fun, especially when my friend and I in our piece of crap truck would drive right through the same area somebody with a suped up truck with big ol 44's just got stuck. Yes the weights of the vehicles created the disparity, but it's still braggin' rights. Then the cops would come and run everybody off......spoil-sports. Anyways enough rambling, welcome.

05-26-2008, 11:39 PM
@Xenolar: No, I'm not autistic. I needed a unique domain name for my blog, and I happened to have read a Douglas Adams novel at the time where there was a rock band with the improbable name Pugilism and the Third Autistic Cuckoo. (There's a real world band with that name, too, I believe.)

Since I'm passionate about web accessibility, it fit quite well. Besides, an INTJ is sometimes mistaken for an Aspie. :)

@mental drift: I'm not too much into mudding. I'd rather crawl over rough, but dry, terrain. At first I used my daily driver (a Grand Cherokee), but then I bought a '51 CJ-3A with a 3.5L Rover V8 and 35" Super Swampers. It's currently in pieces awaiting a new rear axle and substantial body work.

05-27-2008, 05:34 AM
Welcome to the forum. I am not much of a cat-person (I left that to my sister), but I do appreciate the independance of felines.

05-27-2008, 12:23 PM
@Xenolar: No, I'm not autistic. I needed a unique domain name for my blog, ... Since I'm passionate about web accessibility, it fit quite well.

Saw your blog and concerns re high-speed internet access from tele2. (I wasn't sure where to reply on this, and this thread seems closest... Sry for slight off-topicness...) There are a few areas where landline and wireless phone providers and cableCos are building out wi-fi, 3G/evdo, wimax, and even mesh where their "normal" service doesn't reach, but, the economics are not very favourable, and this development has been painfully slow in most places. Usually these alternatives are only available if the build-out is publicly subsidized by municipalities trying to improve the local economy or quality of life, or by federal/provincial grants intended to enhance rural development. Here is one resource w/ info on these competing technologies and on int'l service providers: http://www.bbwexchange.com/ Sometimes, if you are lucky, and live near something of economic significance, you can find a small independent WISP. I could be wrong, but, unfortunately when I did a google "site" search of bbwexchange.com for "sweden," the results weren't good....

You might want to look at satellite broadband. It has much wider coverage, and is the only broadband in areas where teleco/cable/cell hasn't built out. Price may be a constraint if you have only consumer use, though. To deal w this, and hold down price, some providers' speed asymmetry is great-with much faster download than upload. (or even NO upload...)
Here's one jumping off point:
So far as running a linux box, I'm not very knowledgeable, but...is that a real obstacle?

05-27-2008, 11:34 PM
Saw your blog and concerns re high-speed internet access from tele2.
Yeah, their sales methods really ticked me off. Hence the rant on my blog. :)

A week later I had a working wireless broadband courtesy of what has now changed its name to ICE.net. No problems, excellent support. A bit more expensive, but it works very well. I've been meaning to write a short post about it, but there hasn't been time.

So far as running a linux box, I'm not very knowledgeable, but...is that a real obstacle?
It can be if there's a need for a device driver. Many hardware companies still only offer drivers for Microsoft Windows. The solution from ICE.net doesn't require a device driver, since it's a router/modem that connects to the network card. Just plug it in and it works, regardless of operating system.