View Full Version : Relational Proportions

03-25-2010, 03:39 PM
Proportional things are cool. INVERSELY proportional stuff is equally as cool. Polysyllabic games are triply so! Here are my relational proportions:

Paperwork is inversely proportional to my consciousness. :sleeping:
Dogs are proportional to black clothing's presentableness.
Dog spit is proportional to reducing my b!tchyness.
Happy response laughter is proportional to some of my 'jokester' self-image.
The opinions of jerks have no relation to me, at all.
Bill totals are inversely proportional to my account balances and ability to buy fun but useless stuff.
My partner's happiness is directly proportional to the success of our marriage.:love:
My happiness is directly proportional to my partner's continued survival. Arrrr! :whip:

04-06-2010, 08:31 AM
- The level of detail of my plans is proportional to my getting things done.
- My happiness during the day is inversely proportional to my first crappy thought.
- The amount of work I get done is inversely proportional to the number of interesting articles and papers I read at work.
- My projected self image is in direct relation to my perceived self image.

"You are what you eat and I'm freakin cheese" - Tommy Zola