View Full Version : Types and metaphoric language

Lei Yang
03-22-2008, 02:40 PM
I'm reading "Metaphors we live by" these days, and it strikes me that there might be correlations between how we use metaphors in real-life conversations, and our type.

For instance, the book made examples of how language alternately deals with the concept of the brain as a machine or an object of alternating brittleness. An example of the first metaphor (form the book) would be "My mind just isn't operating today / I'm a little rusty today." An example of the latter would be "Her ego is very fragile." And of course both metaphors have their uses...

But while reading this I found that my conscious and utilized metaphors (as in real-life conversations) were almost exclusively of the first type. On the other hand, my INFP friend seems to use the second type to a greater degree...

So even though this example might be a special and very OBVIOUS case (F vs T), I am wondering whether it is possible to extrapolate metaphoric language entirely as a reliable "typer".